Sunday, November 23

Weekly wrap up 16.11.14

This week was the second week I had the sick child at home. 2 weeks at home. :( 

The roses all started to dry up and blow away in the string of hot days and then we had a good night of soaking rain which pretty much finished all the existing blooms. The natives are all looking gorgeous and if not already blooming about to burst.

It was my Birthday on Saturday, I got lots of lovely goodies from my Birthday Club friends and made myself some cupcakes that day too. This week Bella ate something she shouldn't have ( not too unusual ) which sent us off to the vet, she had a couple of injections and a course of antibiotics for home.

After what felt like not a single moment to myself for over two weeks I was feeling a lot stress and that Black Dog of mine was growing and gaining strength. My little brown and white dog lavished me with love which helped bring some laughter to my days.

This post sat in draft unfinished all week. still battling a round of depression. not too much to say other than that unfortunately I'm seeing things through that joy sucking filter.
Fighting it using small steps, gratitude and just by admitting it exists. I've seen a GP and am working through some online modules provided by The centre for Clinical interventions, on her recommendation. I have a couple of things here that she gave me and some small decisions to make regarding how I progress from here.

Hope you are having a great weekend peeps. x

Sunday, November 9

Weekly Wrap up 9.11.2014

Hello! Another week whizzed by in the blink of an eye!
If you follow me on Instagram you will now that I am drinking in the wonder of the garden and all its colourful delights right now!

The roses are glorious! I went about and tried to count them for the first time and I got around 120 but don't think its 100% accurate, there could be another 10 more or less. That count includes all the hybrids, heritage, miniature, climbing and standard roses combined, from the back and front yard. The Natives are also starting their vibrant show.

Anzac biscuits are the flavour of the week here with two batches having been baked. I have never liked Anzac biscuits but just realised there are two well know variants of the recipe! One uses two cups of oats and has no coconut amongst its ingredients, I assume this was the original recipe, the one I am not fond of. Then there is the version we are loving now which uses only one cup of oats and one cup of coconut. I made the first batch with desiccated coconut and the second with shredded, this made them a bit more chewy and chunky, worth a try, they are really good.

Bella is loosing a lot of those initial puppy behaviours and characteristics now. She is such a lovely girl to train. I do see that she is a bit stubborn and wilful at times but more often obedient and delightful. She can do puppy kisses most of the time which my Daughter and I teach for chin and I let her kiss my nose but sometimes she is just brimming over with love and wants to do mouth kisses which is totally gross but funny and cute at the same time. I have come to realise that these most often come after I have consumed dairy, so are probably not technically puppy kisses at all. She will take herself outside to poo 98% of the time but still does closer to 50/50 for wee which is her most frustrating behaviour ATM. The last two nights she has slept through in her crate from about 10.30 ish to between 5.30 and 6.30 am without needing to go out.

I've had two sick kiddo's this week one of my children suffers with some serious constipation issues. This has been going on sporadically for 4 or 5 years; this is the second recurrence in the last 12 months. So that child was home all week, unable and unwilling to go to the loo. ( We do have a treatment plan in place and active) We are just getting into the worst stages of the condition/process now. It gets to where the child can't sit comfortably, or move around much and basically just wants to lay down all the time. They can't eat and are so very irritable and lethargic, fear of the pain outweighs any logic or goading. I am starting to think there are elements of control issues at play too. Its so emotionally draining for the whole family.
My other child was vomiting on Wednesday, fine to go to School Thursday and then off on Friday with conjunctivitis! The conjunctivitis is looking much better now with the eye drops taking effect, still a few days of treatment left though.

 Creatively I have snatched minutes here and there for stamping in my planner and finished a project life page. I don't have any printed photos on hand and really want to get some more done but heading out in public is difficult ATM with the ill child.
I picked up a few supplies yesterday when I decided I really needed an hour or two out alone while the Mr could hold done the fort here. I'm playing with a few little Christmassy paper things but not really in the zone. I also got the 3 mm circular needle I need to finish my niece's Cardi.
I finished the peach band on the baby blanket I am making for another of my sisters and will try to do a post dedicated to it soon. I still have one band of colour to go but am undecided on if there will be 2 more and/or a border option.

I hope you are having a lovely Weekend! :)

Sunday, November 2

Weekly wrap up 02.11.14

I'm back with a wrap up after missing last week thanks to a teething puppy.
The garden is absolutely glorious with plentiful blooms, lots of young fruit and abundant shades of green.

My Daughter went off to her first School camp this week. She was so anxious and really not happy about us saying she had to go and trying to convince her it would be fun. She came home glowing and seems about a year older in her maturity, after 3 days and two nights away. I'm hoping that she  will now begin to realise how beneficial these enrichment activities are for her and be able to approach them with less trepidation. She didn't hate it and says it wasn't as hard to handle as she was expecting, but she stops short of admitting it was fun. Some of the things were fun and she had a nice time.

Bella was most out of sorts at my girls absence and I think she blamed me for taking her away and not bringing her home that afternoon. No puppy cuddles for almost a week was a harsh kind of rejection for me. She ( Bella) chewed through not only the keyboard cord but also the printer cord. The keyboard cord was a potential fire starter which gave me a nasty scare last weekend, sparking and glowing bright orange. The printer cord gave the Mr. the nasty scare  but luckily for all involved the cord that attaches to the main power had worked its way free, so there was no electricity flowing through this cord at the point where she gnawed through. Our new keyboard is so lovely. The first one had a faulty space bar that didn't work so I had to return it but now we are back on track.

It was the Mr's Birthday this week and we got him a hammock, he might get to enjoy it sometime when the novelty wears off for the kids, that is if he doesn't kick them out before then :) Bella had her first trip to the vet with us, the car ride was a bit anxious for her and she was exhausted after meeting a couple of new people. She fell asleep on the floor while waiting for the vet to come in and give her her vaccinations. Everything is as it should be and she is a very healthy puppy.

 I have taken a little break from my Debbie Bliss Baby cardi as I need a 3 mm circular needle to complete it. I've never used a circular needle before. I'm a bit intimidated, and possibly procrastinating, though I am keen to learn. I picked up my hook and started on my other sisters baby blanket, her baby is due in Jan. It's working up so beautifully and I'm so pleased with it I may have to make up another in that same pattern for home. :) I slowly worked my way through completing my Floriade Pages in my Project life album too, doing a little bit here and there as I could snatch a minute or two for it.
Its so lovely to be able to blog again. Have a great Day Sweet Readers.

Friday, October 31

About my Absence

That is our keyboard cord last weekend. Hence I have been without keyboard for around a week, I now have a lovely slim, cord free, solar powered baby in front of me. More recently Bella also went through the printer cord, it's power cord, which luckily was not plugged in. I swear my hair is showing so much more grey since we added this bundle of ( mostly ) joy to our family. Want an excuse to upgrade all your computer equipment ... get a puppy!

I hope to be back to my semi regular posting within the next couple of days once I catch up on the must do online things. x

Tuesday, October 21

Weekly Wrap Up 19.10.14

Some super chilly days this week meant that We ended up starting a fire, this is our only heat source and I couldn't handle the shivering any longer.

Bella took a dive into the pond on one of those super chilly days. I saw that as a good opportunity for her first bath while she could dry by the fire. She didn't enjoy it but was quite good!

The roses will be prolifically blooming by this time next week, if the buds are anything to go by and all the trees are back in leaf now. There are little plums, apricots and figs clearly visible on the fruit trees. All of my Mizuna, Cress, Coriander and  ... something else ... have bolted as it just got too hot in the green house, my onions tomatoes and spinach are looking good though.

There were a few new supplies and a little bit of stamping and paper play last week. Some more work on the baby cardi. too, as of right now ( Tuesday morning ) I have three rows left to finish the second sleeve then it will be on to assembly and neck/button band work. I'm so eager to start the Rainbow ripple baby blanket for my other sister and at the same time have a new burst of enthusiasm to finish this cardigan!
Last week seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye and I feel the end of 2014 coming toward me with speed. Have a great week sweet readers!

Thursday, October 16

King Parrots

A pair of pretty king parrots came to visit. The male ( red head /chest ) was right outside the lounge room window. I sneaked out with the camera and saw the female ( green head/chest )  up on top of the arch, she blends in and is much harder to see, I knew to look for her though as it is rare that you will ever see these birds alone.

I stayed behind the camera so as not to make direct eye contact and scare them off, slowly inching forward to get a better view when suddenly he took flight, directly towards me at low level and landed on a branch a little more than arms reach away!

He kept his back towards me as if posing! looked at me over his left and right a couple of times , then I lowered the camera and spoke to him. He stayed a few seconds longer, let out a squawk and they flew away.