Sunday, July 27

Weekly Wrap up 27.07.14

 A summary of what this week held for me with a bit of chatter, featuring a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed.  

We ordered our second delivery of firewood and had it delivered last week then stacked most of it this weekend, we had to get it out of the driveway as the cars were getting frosted up, adding to our departure times in the mornings and we really wanted to get them back into the car port. Lots of pretty things to be found emerging here and there in the garden a few hellebores blooming and Bulbs popping up everywhere. Apparently possum food sources are becoming scarcer as a pumpkin that had been ignored for months, on the back verandah became a target. I cut the top off and left it out there for them, I bought the rest in and we had some roasted with our chicken Saturday night and it is so delicious!

I picked up a set of Cube shelving for half price at Aldi which came to $17.50!! This was a great storage solution for us, I built it during the week and it is now in our little media/TV room that I mentioned was changed living space last week. Our TV sits up on it and the top two cubes hold the childrens game system and characters while the lower two have baskets containing blankets for snuggling - theres no heating in the TV room. In regard to the changes to the living spaces I still have yet to finish moving the books and book shelf in to what I now refer to as the Family room, we are really loving and using this new space in the way I had intended and hoped for .

I'm really getting into a 'happy homemaker' groove, using my planner and creating some routines for housework. Also working on some decluttering and organising systems/thoughts/ideas for myself, taking pride in what I do and enjoying things like shiny floors. This is really something different for me, as while I always got the 'housework is never done' mindset of Rhonda, I never really had the contentment or pride in my role that would facilitate the acceptance of it. While I knew it was  privilege to not have to join the paid workforce, I didn't really actively embrace being a homemaker. Does that make sense?

Working on my planner is feeding my creative soul in providing paper play into my days. I am working to create what I can with what supplies I have on hand and as my planner is a WIP things are changing frequently as I learn what works for me and what I need/want in there, it is important for my planner to be colourful and visually pleasing, it was something I realised when thinking about why my attempts to stick to a routine had failed previously. 

I'm loving Country style magazine these days and daydream about 'packing up and moving to the country' my Mum used to threaten this when we were kids, much to our horror, with age I am able now to see the appeal of the idea, and am amused at how I thought it was such a horrible fate. I had been really enjoying Yoga these last few Months and do sincerely believe it was beneficial for me in a class environment, our Budget does not allow me to keep attending studio classes going forward. I am grateful for having had such a beautiful introduction to the practice. I have taken a few sequences away that I feel are helpful to me here as I go about my day and have developed an ability to call on my Breath as an aid. I aim to incorporate a more structured personal practice into my weeks some where down the track.

Well thats it for today, Hope you are having a Lovely Sunday!

Tuesday, July 22

Birthday Club July - Part One

Hello! Yes this is part one, as two of our Lovely Birthday Club Girls celebrated in July.
First up was Mardi. One of the things Mardi told us was that she loves Bright Colours particularly Red, Yellow and Green.

I hooked Mardi up this gorgeous set of coasters starting with her preferred colours and adding to the three with my own choices to get this lovely Retro-ish palette. I used Catania Cotton and a Clover Amour 3.25mm hook.

All boxed up, wrapped in a colourful tissue paper and ready to be sent on their way.

The pattern was from and seems to have now vanished it was adapted by Sandi Marshall from an 1893 pattern and renamed 'reworked circle motif'. The original pattern was know as "Crocheted wheel for tidy" from a publication called 'the ladies Model FancyWork manual'. From memory I used a magic circle as a start point rather than the original Ch something ss. I'm sad to see this pattern no longer available, I did not realise it had gone, until I attempted to link it for this post. I may be able to rework it looking at my photos of what I made here, it is really such a sweet pattern and I had planned to use it again.

Sunday, July 20

Weekly wrap up

I vanished there for a while under the influence of a couple of Ted talks I listened to and in a stage of contemplation about my whole life. For a couple of months now I have been feeling the weight of what I refer to as STUFF. The things we own and do, so much stuff, too much stuff. Feeling overwhelmed, lost and over cluttered. 

After Blythefest I started reading Organised Simplicity by Tsh Oxenreider again. I'm still reading it now and already inspired enough by it to initiate some conversations and start shaking things up around here. The most significant thing I have done as a starting point is to create a home management planner, its still evolving after only being started last weekend. I hope to do a post about this in the near future. 

With my planner in use and under the influence of some structured housework routines I find myself with more time to tackle some of the bigger decluttering tasks I have been putting off, also time to blog! Today we tackled something huge and totally rearranged the living areas of our home moving the TV to a much smaller room and creating a social seating area and computer/desk area in the larger 'living' room. I still have yet to relocate the book shelves into our new living area and out of the Lounge area ( where the TV is )

We have had our first big frosts and really cold night temps this last week with a couple of -3 nights, after these we head out in the mornings to see all the bird water sources and fish ponds frozen. In the potting shed I planted lots of seeds and still have more to go when it warms up a little, I have lettuce enjoying the beautiful sunny days and cooler nights protected from frost in there too. Signs of the Spring to come are starting to reveal themselves everywhere I look in the garden, its beautiful.

We enjoyed the final week of the School holidays with some baking, drawing, reading and trips to the library, I managed to crochet up some Birthday gifts and we went out to get new School shoes and haircuts ready for the term. I also got myself a couple of pairs of shoes, I have long needed new shoes but always put it off as I so hate shopping centres. I got a black pair and a Brown and I really love these brown shoes! Its back to School tomorrow and a chance for me to test out my new routines with a couple less hours spent in the home each day.

Sunday, June 8

Weekly Wrap Up 08.06.2014

This week saw me beginning to understand how to surrender, I've been practicing Yoga for a few weeks and I feel/think/believe I'm at the start of a long and beautiful life changing journey with this practice. Winter has announced her arrival with a gorgeous frosty Blanket yesterday; I am noticing what was a big stack of firewood, dwindling day by day and the tap water is so very cold first thing in the morning!

1. Blood tests for my boy, after various ongoing health issues. My instinct tells me this may well be the cause.
2. Border plant foliage. Gorgeous in its shape and contrast colours.
3. A little basket of seeds and pods that sits on my hallstand.
4. Simple Banana Splits for a little treat.
5. Pizza Dough. Reflecting on the fulfilling feelings created by working with dough.
6. Ella. I decided/found out yesterday I am going to Blythefest next weekend after all.
7. Some Early (very Early ) spring related Cheer. I adore jonquils.
8. I love the Catania yarn! This is mandala pattern from Sarah London that I worked up.
9. A gorgeous clear sunshiny winters day after a frost. Beautiful Crisp morning. Sun warming backs later on.
10. Cheese and Pineapple loaf  made with a quarter of the Pizza Dough.

Monday, June 2

Golden Whistler

I've been so blessed with bird sightings this week. In the garden I have seen 3 rose robins, or possibly 2 and 1 of them on two separate occasions. I saw a double-barred finch taking a drink; thats the first time I have seen one of those here. A pair of Eastern Spinebills visited yesterday, I have only ever seen those singularly then today I managed to photograph a golden whistler for the first time! I have seen a male a few times this past year but this is the first time I managed to capture his gorgeousness with my camera. Out and about I saw a large flock of little corellas and I have never seen one of those that was not kept as a pet and didn't ever consider that they moved in flocks as wild birds.

Sunday, June 1

Weekly wrap Up 01.06.14

1. Some pretty colour in the garden, I'm not sure I have noted the pink here before.
2. Chocolate slice.
3. New yarn. Catania by Schachenmayr
4. Sweeping leaves off the step, to move to the compost garden.
5. Being thankful for a garden that invites birds.
6. I decided not to attend Blythefest. have negotiated sale of my tickets. will put dresses in my Etsy shop
7. Testing out my lovely new yarn with a sweet Mandala Pattern found at 'Made By K town' blog.
8. Handmade willow wreath, flowers from my little neighbour and found Silver eyes nest. Natural Decor.

Its raining here today, we have a birthday Girl amongst us and the fire is blazing to welcome the first day of winter. Have a great Sunday. x