My Harshest Critic

Lately, I've really dropped the ball with all the organisation systems I set in place at the start of the year. I retreat into my crochet, making pretty things while the clutter and chaos build around me.

So, a few days ago I had a realisation that crochet is not just about creativity for me. It is also a symptom of anxiety; something I retreat into, take pride in and can control completely. It is a source of Self Validation! Once I had realised this I decided to get out a planner or folder the next day ... to do at least one thing ... to try and gain some semblance of order, to self-validate in another way.

That night I had a dream that in its most abbreviated form was as follows:-
I was at my place of work, not loving it and feeling Blah. I knew that my new Boss was coming tomorrow and she would not be impressed, I was quite sure she would fire me and tell me I was not good at the managers position, I knew she was right. She was going to tell me all about the girl who used to do my job, she loved that girl and wanted her back in the position. ( this made me feel all eye rolly and sarcastically gushy )
I was resigned to the fact that I was so bad at my job I deserved to get fired. I thought about asking the Mr if I could just quit my job but I knew the family really relied on me to do that job and he would not think it was a good idea.
So, I decided I had just better pull my socks up because my Family needed me to, my boss couldn't fire me without a reason, I was ready to fight, I knew my rights and I could do the job as well as the goody two shoes who made it look like a breeze a few months ago.

Gotta love how our subconscious delivers messages to us at times!

Angel wings Baby Tunic

I made this sweet tunic up for my 1-month-old Niece and delivered it to them on Wednesday. Such a sweet little pattern that worked up quite quickly and it's free! The tunic is a little too big for her right now but will go on over long sleeves in Autumn and maybe Spring depending on how quickly she grows.

I used Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply cotton and created my own edging up each front and around the neckline. All details can be found on Ravelry

Baby Card

My world seems full of baby girls lately! Not that there are actually that many of them, it's just that the babies recently born and the babies on the way are all girls! I made this card for my Sister and her partner  to welcome little Matilda.

I met and cuddled her yesterday, such a sweet little bundle with a head of very long hair.

Card made with SU Cardstock, PTI dies and stamps, bakers twine and washi tape.
I'll be back soon with some more  crochet posts sharing the sweet little baby things I have been making and gifting.
Have a great Day!

Secret Ingredient Brownies.

I have mentioned here before my habit of 'sneaking' more beneficial ingredients into meals and recipes, like the Red kidney beans in the Pasta sauce. I do like to play with ingredients and see what I can get away with. My kids loved these Brownies so much and are constantly asking me to make them again, I have not yet disclosed what the secret ingredient is. They know there is a secret ingredient, but I think I'll make this recipe for them at least one more time, before I disclose what that ingredient is. I personally have no issue with Prunes, but my kids will not like being told they have been eating those yucky wrinkled things. 

Mine are a bit on the thin side, so next time I'll use a smaller pan, or double the mixture! You can find the recipe for these awesome Prune brownies at "A taste of madness."


Upside down Plum Cake, Photography and Crochet.

I made a plum upside down cake! It's delicious and actually reminds me of my Nans Apple Batter cake so much, I'm going to give it a whirl with some apple soon. My kids won't touch the plum cake ( they don't like plums) I found the recipe here.

Yesterday, Bella met Ella as I scrambled with last minute attempts to do my photography assignment; Only to realise I had misunderstood the instructions. All was not lost as I still learnt from it, perhaps not what was intended by the lesson, but still things that are useful for me to know.

My crochet love is back in full force and I spent a lot, well truth be told, too much time pinning pretty crochet things, perusing delightful skeins of yarn on Etsy and adding favourites to my Ravelry notebook. I even started a Ravelry queue!

I worked up a few rows of shells on this gorgeous angel wings tunic too. Gee I wish I had been able to crochet and knit for my own babies, when I see all the pretty things I want to make for my Nieces.
So that was my Australia Day in a Nutshell did you do anything special?

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