Male Golden Whistler with Dinner.

Sometimes I want to write, but I just don't know what to write.
Its not that I'm not Authentic in what I do share but I certainly censor myself.

I'm an introvert, cautious about what I share and who I open up to.
I don't want to draw too much attention to myself.
My Children deserve privacy.
Details of my Day to day life seem so mundane.

I think though I have something that might be worth sharing.
I really want to inspire people to be kinder to themselves, Breathe deeply, look around, connect with Nature and indulge their creativity but I'm just me. Can I do that? 

My Spirit is stirring.
Change is afoot. I think there is a truth about to dawn on me. I can feel it, the energy is changing.
Last week I was impatient, now I'm feeling a little more relaxed and gracious, waiting for things to be revealed and to let them settle on me.
Everything in divine time.

Pebbly Beach


We Recently took the kids out of school for a couple of days and all went camping. One of our adventures took us to pebbly beach on the South Coast of NSW . On the way back up from the beach to the car ... by the way look at this gorgeous National park so lush ... so anyway, I was snapping some pics of the kids and the ducks that were to my right then as we rounded the last bend a bird came form behind and LANDED ON MY HEAD!  Crazy gibberish ensued .. "a bird landed on my head! OMG did a bird just land on me? where is it? what was it? was there a bird on my head?" there was general laughter and amazement between the three us as the car park came into view and then this happened ...

There were birds everywhere and all over everyone! Off the top of my head there were at least 11 other people there in various groupings but really I was just insanely lost in the experience and shared wonder between us all.  These birds are wild, they have learned over time that people feed them, so if you hold our your arm you will get some curious visitors. I didn't actually have any food but did have several one sided conversations with birds, telling them how beautiful they were and apologising for tricking them. The Green and Red birds in these images are King Parrots, the more brightly coloured birds are Rainbow lorikeets. My daughter too the pictures with me in them.  While pebbly beach is apparently renowned for this I had no idea! Can you believe a bird lover like me had no clue about this place !?

Canberra Balloon Spectacular 2016

A defining moment in my journey as a photographer.

So this morning I realised that when it comes to an event I need to choose if I am going as a Mum/person or as a photographer. Today I went as both and was not happy with my photographic skills and outcomes or my Parenting skills.
Most revealing of all was the realisation that while I can photograph other things occasions or events I am without doubt a Nature photographer and now feel so much more confidant to label myself that way.

I have had discussions with my friend and photography mentor about when can you call yourself a photographer and what makes you a photographer? Just because you have a nice camera and take pretty pictures does not make you a photographer.
I've decided that documenting your passion while learning and increasing your skill and ability to faithfully do so is a part of what makes a photographer, the key part being the passion. Its the photos of the birds, my Children, the flowers and all other wonderful parts of Nature and her Circles that make my heart flutter, these are the things I feel most excited and proud to share. The things I am passionate about.

I hope I've been able to share the joy and wonder of the event through the colour and smiling faces. How about that guy in a chair with no basket??! Crazy Amazing!
I really photographed it differently again this year to last year, this year its much more the parts, rather than the whole.

Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball

Its been such a long while since I have shared any of my lovely Yarny creations! I'm so often working on my hexagon blanket or Dolly cardigans, for the Blythe Girls that I'm quite sure it would bore you to see the same things often and so I choose not to share them here. However I do still get that itch for a new project and I whipped this flower Puzzle ball up for my nieces first Birthday Gift, she loved it!

I don't expect at the tender age of one she will be competent at assembling it or get too much joy from the puzzle aspect, though it will be good for Mum and Dad! The thing I like most about it, from a creative perspective,  is that flexibility in the pattern to tailor the colour theme and the best thing about the ball as a toy for this age is all the little spaces between the pieces, mean she can pretty much grab it in any which way she chooses, without difficulty.

You can find this in my Ravelry Projects if you'd like more details.
 I would definitely make this pattern again.

Superb Parrots

Its that time of the year again. We are being visited by the Vulnerable species 'Superb Parrots". Around mid Summer when the fruit is plentiful they promptly arrive, and have done for the last few Summers, though it was actually Autumn the first time I saw one. I remember seeing it clearly from the Kitchen Window, perched high in bare branches. His Bright Yellow face leaving me feeling delighted and wondering what type he was and why he was going through here. 

As best as I can tell there are just three of them this year but one is young. I suspect a Young male as I do note a faint pinkness around his neck on the underside where the adult Males are bright orange. I have seen the young one asleep a couple of times with its head tucked under its wing which is both such a sweet endearing sight and the most crafty natural camouflage when in a leafy environment. The only brightly coloured part of the young and the most brightly coloured part of the females is their beak, tucking its head in conceals the beak and they sink into the leafy background unobtrusively. The female does have a pale pinky tone on the underside of her tail feathers but its not at all striking or obvious.

The young one is quite unafraid and I have gotten within arms length of it several times after extended periods of closer and closer proximity. Its not going to let us get too close but knows it can trust us I think, it also seems quite pleased with the sound of my camera shutter when I shoot a burst. They are beautiful birds and I feel so privileged to get to observe them when they come here to feast, the last population estimate I heard was late last year and it said that there are well and truly less than 10,000 left in the wild .

I hope you all had a lovely Christmas and hope there is happiness and health for all in 2016

The Eighth Day

They still stick close together for at least the first week out of the nest. I loved seeing these two little tails poking down from a nearby branch when I realised they had left the nest.