Monday, April 21

Easter Egg Hunt

There is no religious element in our Easter celebration, here the family activity is all about the chocolate. This year our kids know the truth about Easter, all the fun is in the hunt for the eggs and knowing some truth about how the chocolate actually gets hidden about the place did not spoil it for anyone.

I was in charge of hiding the eggs and was thankful for the longer grass after the debacle with the birds 2 years ago; in the 10 minutes between when the eggs were hidden and the children were taken out to find them birds had stolen at least half and left some wrappers about as evidence. This year everyone just had to be careful where they stepped and at the end of the day it was the eggs wrapped in green hidden among the clover that were the hardest to find.

The rest of the day was easy and relaxing. I spent some time weeding out in the sun and working on my crochet indoors. We have all three Children here this week there were lots of board games and an animated movie in the afternoon. We lit a fire in the late afternoon to warm our evening. It was a beautiful relaxing day. I feel blessed. x

Sunday, April 20

Weekly Wrap up 20.04.14

A peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed. 
This was the first week of the school holidays, I am enjoying the more relaxed pace of these days. There is no mistaking Autumn is here, cooling our mornings & nights and drawing me out into the sunshine of the day. The garden calls me and is where I am finding something to fill me up spiritually and mentally right now. 
Wishing you all a safe and Happy Easter. x

1. Looking out the kitchen window I suddenly realised the pavers were surrounded in beautiful lush moss.
2. Early morning holiday activity. Colouring in and rainbow loom band making.
3.New yarn Holst Garn 2ply cotton /wool & silk/wool blends, also a couple of additions to my supersoft wool stash.
4.Following on from last week this happened on 2048 and later I got a 4096.
5. I started to think about how what I eat relates to how I feel. I'm trying to steer back to more wholesome fare.
6. All quiet on the dolly front this week. Taking a break from the crochet dresses.
7. My blanket is a great size for being over my lap as I work on it!
8. I began to weed and clear the growth from in front of the windows, welcoming sunshine back into the house.
9. These are the flowers I salvaged from yesterdays pruning. A climbing rose that hung across a window.
10. Thirsty for a riot of colour my next project jumped out at me from a blog and I'm working on my first mandala.

Thursday, April 17

The best thing about an overgrown garden.

 Is the living treasure you find in it! Like this Clematis, hidden away on the least often travelled side of the house, behind the climbing roses and wisteria that cover the wall, in the most awkward to photograph place.

I let out an audible gasp yesterday as I spied the bountiful clusters of blooms, through the foliage of the other plants, up under the eaves yesterday. They are simply stunning. I only realised that this clematis was there last year when I noticed a flower, so to see this gorgeous colour burst was both a surprise and treat.

I really cant photograph this in a manner that does it justice its so very pretty but as I mentioned earlier it's in the most hidden and awkward to access place.

Sunday, April 13

Weekly Wrap Up 13.04.14

A peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed. 
Well my wrap up is late today as I have been busy password changing thanks to heart bleed. It has been raining on and off all week but this weekend has been gorgeous and Sunny. Easter Holidays have begun and I'm looking forward to the break in School routine.

1. Beading one of my Crochet Middie dresses as a donation for Blythefest.
2. Roses are gorgeous at the moment. Our garden is wearing a beautiful coat of early Autumn colour.
3. This lone White Crocus blooms Early every year. The Yellow companions follow much later.
4. Oh 2048 a thinking game that I spend way too much time playing.
5. I made a card for a sweet little Miss I know.
6. Miniature Pomegranate, such a stunning colour!
7. The view through my kitchen window is totally picturesque at the moment. Here a red Wattle Bird is Bathing.
8. The card in its handmade paper envelope ready for her letterbox. ( I didn't make the Paper )
9. Oh Hexagon Blanket! back out and being worked on as i ponder a new crochet challenge.
10. Our biggest & oldest Gold fish can be most often found in this Sunny corner right now. The fish are beginning to get a little Sluggish and will no doubt be hibernating soon.

Sunday, April 6

Weekly Wrap Up 06.04.14

A peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed. 
Autumn is certainly creeping more obviously into the days, the garden is looking glorious with all the rain we are getting and I feel like I am making progress in removing the black dog from my home, its push - pull but there is progress. 

1. Sunday dishes piling. Acknowledgement of depression. Lots of empathy and understanding received. Buoying.
2. Another new Blythe Doll! Miss Sally Rice named Ivy.
3. My son borrows a book from the library that I already have, he just wants to look at 'his own'.
4. Appealing to my senses as a potential motivator. Beautiful scents and colour.
5. Miniature Pomegranate. So vibrant they look fake. 100% real and no photographic filter. Gorgeous.
6. A 16 deg rainy day was coming so I headed out prior and collected some kindling. Crochet by the fire. Bliss.
7. Yesterday I spotted some Cyclamen sprouting and even an eager white crocus about to bloom.
8. We have the pleasure of hosing a 7 legged huntsman Spider this week. Pleasure as long as he stays up high.
9. Working on a crochet dress for Middie Blythe.. Wondering if I can/will stock my 1/2 trade table at Blythefest.
10. We/he chose a recipe from our matching books & baked boiled chocolate cake. The fudge icing is amazing!

Wednesday, April 2

Crochet Hexagon Blanket Update

I've barely touched my Crochet Mood Blanket these last two weeks, my crochet energy is going into tweaking a doll dress I designed. However as I had completed a lot of hexagons in Feb I am still on track for my one motif a day at this stage.  

I think my proportions are going to have to be reassessed as I thought my blanket would need to be 18 by 18 hexagons but I hadn't taken into account the way hexagons fit together. One side is zigzag, with points of hexies on the outer edge and the adjoining side is notched with flat sides making a rise and fall pattern.

 I had planned to work up to a size of 12 x 12 and to then decide how to progress in rounds adding another 3 hexagons on every side and think about my bordering. I'm at the beginning of the 11th row already having 12 in each existing row and I can see that with the addition of two more rows the piece will still be slightly rectangular in appearance; my blanket will also need to be longer than what I originally estimated, in order to be a nice size to 'cover' our bed.

I've added a few more colours this month and the black isn't bothering me as it was last month, having it more sparsely dispersed makes it easier for me to handle visually. I'll continue on up to my 12 rows of 12 hexagons and decide how to go forward and where to add from there :)