Baby - My Currawong Friend

I don't feed Currawongs, I generally see them as scoundrels. Well I don't feed most birds but I just let them take what they want from the fruit seeds etc. But there are a few I do feed; my two Magpie friends Mama and Little one and this Currawong, Baby.
Baby first started coming around when I fed the Maggies about a year ago I guess, He speaks in a sweet low coo and has never warbled or crowed. When he first appeared he was frightened of other birds and the Miners taunted him.

His chest was covered in the soft downy grey feathers that would indicate he was quite young. The reason I started to feed him, is because of his underdog status, you see he only has one eye. The one eye is his visible disadvantage but the fact that he has no sign of the intensive vocal rage and skill typically associated with Currawongs, surely puts him at bird disadvantage when it comes to socialisation. His missing eye is obviously irritated as he is frequently rubbing it on a branch. I'll not see this one for months on end, the first time that happened I found a pile of soft chest feathers in the back yard and thought he had met foul play but then, on the day another bird I was quite fond of died, he reappeared!

He pops back at unexpected times and sometimes stays for days, sometimes just minutes, like the visit I just mentioned. He is not a pretty bird but he is so gentle in his manner, his behaviour is not characteristic of Currawongs at all. While  he may not be pretty to look at he is a beautiful bird that chose me and has my heart.

 ... He may even be a she ...?

Awakening Spirit

In my last post I said I could feel change coming and that my Spirit was stirring, I now believe that my Spirit is actually awakening... that is my Divine eternal Spirit, you know ... the light housed in my Earthly body?!

I am drawn to and attracting all kinds of information related to Self love practices. Information related to Chakra's is popping up for me online and meditation beckons. I have initiated a personal Yoga practice.

My initial Foray into Yoga was two years ago. At that Time I was practicing in a Class and really got a lot from it. I felt fantastic and my thirst for knowledge was being quenched with personal insight, physical awareness and pose technique details. 

Its not lost on me that I was initially drawn to Yoga in winter of 2014 and now again as winter sets in my thoughts and instincts take me to the natural point of natures cycle which dictates nurturing.

My dreams are delivering fantastic insights as to what a particular situation actually is as opposed to what I have always believed it to be, I'm working on moving beyond it and dealing with emotional baggage. 

For years I have been dreaming about houses and a beautiful, spacious, pristine upstairs room that was so difficult to access. The stairs were often broken or it was a tiny secret tunnel through a wall, sometimes the floor was unstable so it wasn't safe to go there ... all kinds of challenges but I knew that space was sitting there unused, I sometimes got to stand in it but mostly I was just remembering it was there and trying to remember and /or work out how to access it.

I recently had a dream where I found out there was a massive sweeping stair case leading to the elusive space but the stairs were carpeted and covered in all kinds of clutter in the form of secret compartments and shelves holding candles ... lots of stuff I saw as unnecessary, and it was still pretty tricky to get up to the room especially when I was suddenly carrying a pile of folded clothes that I was dropping everywhere and didn't want to have to take up there.

Last night in dream land my car was facing the wrong way in traffic, everything was at a stand still but I was between to cars and facing the opposite direction. and I didn't know how I got there like that. Also I parked my car and got distracted from what I should have been doing by spending ages browsing in what I referred to as a 'junk shop' and though of as 'the shop where they sell other peoples rubbish.' While I was browsing other peoples junk my car got stolen!

All beautiful symbolism that is not lost on me either. I've long been good at reading the symbolism in dreams ( which also comes in handy as a tool to identify a few things going on in my 'tweenage' daughters life )

So here I am quite uncomfortable about this oversharing but standing bravely in my Truth.
I'm not sure where its all leading but I'm willing to find out, I'm paying attention to the messages and feel quite willing to show up and handle the work that will let me access that beautiful upstairs dream room in the fashion I desire!

In the interest of transparency :- the image above is taken from a website a I am not affiliated with and have not used before, additionally I do not have permission to use it. I have linked back to the original source. I shared it for its stunning visual appeal but its not mine.


Male Golden Whistler with Dinner.

Sometimes I want to write, but I just don't know what to write.
Its not that I'm not Authentic in what I do share but I certainly censor myself.

I'm an introvert, cautious about what I share and who I open up to.
I don't want to draw too much attention to myself.
My Children deserve privacy.
Details of my Day to day life seem so mundane.

I think though I have something that might be worth sharing.
I really want to inspire people to be kinder to themselves, Breathe deeply, look around, connect with Nature and indulge their creativity but I'm just me. Can I do that? 

My Spirit is stirring.
Change is afoot. I think there is a truth about to dawn on me. I can feel it, the energy is changing.
Last week I was impatient, now I'm feeling a little more relaxed and gracious, waiting for things to be revealed and to let them settle on me.
Everything in divine time.

Pebbly Beach


We Recently took the kids out of school for a couple of days and all went camping. One of our adventures took us to pebbly beach on the South Coast of NSW . On the way back up from the beach to the car ... by the way look at this gorgeous National park so lush ... so anyway, I was snapping some pics of the kids and the ducks that were to my right then as we rounded the last bend a bird came form behind and LANDED ON MY HEAD!  Crazy gibberish ensued .. "a bird landed on my head! OMG did a bird just land on me? where is it? what was it? was there a bird on my head?" there was general laughter and amazement between the three us as the car park came into view and then this happened ...

There were birds everywhere and all over everyone! Off the top of my head there were at least 11 other people there in various groupings but really I was just insanely lost in the experience and shared wonder between us all.  These birds are wild, they have learned over time that people feed them, so if you hold our your arm you will get some curious visitors. I didn't actually have any food but did have several one sided conversations with birds, telling them how beautiful they were and apologising for tricking them. The Green and Red birds in these images are King Parrots, the more brightly coloured birds are Rainbow lorikeets. My daughter too the pictures with me in them.  While pebbly beach is apparently renowned for this I had no idea! Can you believe a bird lover like me had no clue about this place !?

Canberra Balloon Spectacular 2016

A defining moment in my journey as a photographer.

So this morning I realised that when it comes to an event I need to choose if I am going as a Mum/person or as a photographer. Today I went as both and was not happy with my photographic skills and outcomes or my Parenting skills.
Most revealing of all was the realisation that while I can photograph other things occasions or events I am without doubt a Nature photographer and now feel so much more confidant to label myself that way.

I have had discussions with my friend and photography mentor about when can you call yourself a photographer and what makes you a photographer? Just because you have a nice camera and take pretty pictures does not make you a photographer.
I've decided that documenting your passion while learning and increasing your skill and ability to faithfully do so is a part of what makes a photographer, the key part being the passion. Its the photos of the birds, my Children, the flowers and all other wonderful parts of Nature and her Circles that make my heart flutter, these are the things I feel most excited and proud to share. The things I am passionate about.

I hope I've been able to share the joy and wonder of the event through the colour and smiling faces. How about that guy in a chair with no basket??! Crazy Amazing!
I really photographed it differently again this year to last year, this year its much more the parts, rather than the whole.

Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball

Its been such a long while since I have shared any of my lovely Yarny creations! I'm so often working on my hexagon blanket or Dolly cardigans, for the Blythe Girls that I'm quite sure it would bore you to see the same things often and so I choose not to share them here. However I do still get that itch for a new project and I whipped this flower Puzzle ball up for my nieces first Birthday Gift, she loved it!

I don't expect at the tender age of one she will be competent at assembling it or get too much joy from the puzzle aspect, though it will be good for Mum and Dad! The thing I like most about it, from a creative perspective,  is that flexibility in the pattern to tailor the colour theme and the best thing about the ball as a toy for this age is all the little spaces between the pieces, mean she can pretty much grab it in any which way she chooses, without difficulty.

You can find this in my Ravelry Projects if you'd like more details.
 I would definitely make this pattern again.