Sunday, September 14

Weekly Wrap Up 14.09.14

Hello Lovely Peeps, Happy Sunday!
I hope you are enjoying your season as much as I am. Spring is delighting me. :)

I don't really have a lot to say today. I'm pulling in to myself a little more than usual and playing catch up with the house work. I'm not feeling overwhelmed, just being practical about where I allocate time today and pulling my energy reserves inward where I need them to get things done. 

This week was quite big for me emotionally as I went back to the old hometown for my Uncles funeral. Sad for me though seeing the anguish of my much love Aunty,  Cousins and their respective families was ... well I can't even think of an appropriate word here ... 

Afterwards me all met at a local place and I can honestly say that room was filled with love. I met some of my Nieces for the first time and caught up with extended family I had not seen for up to over 20 years. A lot of Big Hearty Supportive, love filled hugs were shared.

If you are reading my Pictures along with my words you will see I got some new stamps this week, two packages actually, one arrived unexpectedly promptly; and am still knitting the sweet Baby cardigan for my Niece.
There is a thick fog here this morning and I'm ready for a Cup of Tea, well its actually another cup of Tea if I'm honest.

Every Day might not be good, but there is something good in Every Day! Enjoy it

Sunday, September 7

Weekly Wrap up 07.09.14

Hello Sweet Readers! I don't have a lot to say this week as it just seemed to disappear before my eyes!
It was a week laced with Nostalgia and contemplation after an Uncle, who featured predominately in my younger years, passed away.

Spring is absolutely evident now each morning as I look out the kitchen window the fruit blossoms are bigger and brighter and the little peeks of green and red leaf grown are in the very early stages. Birds are busily gathering nesting materials. In the potting shed my Lettuce and Mizuna are getting big and the spinach and Asian greens look strong. Herbs are happy and Tomatoes are starting. Though I did buy three established seedlings before I found the volunteers in the pic above.

I'm still loving my pocket Scrap booking and gathering supplies, trying not to get caught up in the new product hype and 'must have' fervour surrounding it, though its hard not too when its such lovely glitter, gold foil and colour magic products. An instagram friend really helped ground my thoughts on this by reminding me that my family will have not a care what products I use on my pages, they will be interested in the memories and moments captured.

I've started the second front panel of the baby cardigan and am happy with my progress considering I only really work on it in the evening after dinner. 

Its fathers day today, Our gifts have been presented, The Sun is shining and spirits are high.
I'm off to enjoy this day with my Family, have a great Sunday!

Sunday, August 31

Weekly wrap up 31.08.14

Hello! This week I am really struggling to find balance. Maybe its as simple as admitting my time management has been poor and priorities misaligned? 

My house is not a lovely haven, its a kitchen filled with dirty dishes and crumby benches. Its baskets of washing waiting to be folded. There are more than a few visible dust bunnies in residence and the rugs really need to be run over with the Vacuum cleaner. There are two main reasons for this, along with a week that had more errands than usual.

Project life! The paper play, pocket style, recording of our day to day life has rocked my creative world. Playing with stickers, stamps, and photos. Getting inky and recording moments with journaling. I'm sucking so much creative satisfaction from the process and its so much more fun than doing the dishes!

The second reason is Sunshine! The weather is delightful and the sunshine is like a magnet, drawing me out into its warm rays to play in the dirt and drink in the colour it brings to the garden. Even just for the benefit of the beautiful birdsong its all good spirit and soul nourishing food.
I'm weeding out a large, long neglected flower bed and have tackled the side that is overrun with that insidious Kikuyu Grass I'm trying to lift as much of the root as I can and it is pretty slow going, though its so rewarding when I find and free something that was intentionally planted. While progress is slow I can see it.

Thus the cycle feeds itself as I ignore the dishes and indulge my desire to play with papery things, the family keep doing what they do and the house keeps getting messier, I don't want to face the mess so I go out into the garden where it becomes a distant memory. Out of sight out of mind, the family keep doing what they do... We are all fed, reasonably healthy and have a roof over our heads; I'm not complaining, just recording. Everything will fall back into place, readjust and eventually get done.

I hope you are having a lovely Weekend!

 Pictures for this post taken from my Instagram feed. 

Thursday, August 28

Rose Robin

I think Robins are just the most darling and sweet looking birds. Not just because of their colour but their proportions, head shape, beak length and eye size just creating such a perfectly cute little package. This guy has been visiting us solo around dusk lately. 

I have seen it at other times during the day when a motley crew of silver eyes and what ever other little honey eaters, fan tails and associated feathered friends fly in together. We have seen a/the female once but she doesn't have the 'look at me' breast to give her away when she visits, so she may be about more often and go unnoticed.

He is getting more used to my presence as I follow him around telling him not to be bothered, that he should just go about his business, he is a pretty boy and I just want to photograph him. he flits from tree top to tree top catching insects and seems to follow a couple of circuits of the bare branched trees and darts into one of two evergreen trees if he needs to take cover.

These little birds have been the cause of many a late dinner as I set off out into the garden following them about with my camera. They lead a merry chase and my photography attempts are usually not too good but yesterday I had a win!

Tuesday, August 26

Jakis Birthday!

When I did my last Birthday Club post I said I'd be back to show you another Birthday Gift I had recently sent out. This one was off to my Gorgeous Friend Jaki. 

Jaki and I have been friends for about 9 years now I guess! Our friendship formed online through our shared interest Scrap booking. Over the years I have travelled up North and stayed at Jakis a few times and she has visited my home a couple of times too. When Birthdays come around we have pretty much always sent each other something handmade or some supplies that will match in with our current area of interest. Some times our gifts are months late, but none the less appreciated and never automatically expected!

 I sent her some some pretty Tea towels with a Crochet basket weave dish cloth in similar colours. Jaki is a big reader so a pretty little bookmark was an essential addition to her gift. I actually crochet my very first bookmark when I was at Jakis house, but that was a little long rectangle back when I first started hooking and pattern reading seemed like such an unattainable achievement. :)

Its Windy and Grey here today and we had really good rainfall last night. I have many baskets of washing to fold and a warm fire burning. have a great Day sweet readers. x

Sunday, August 24

Weekly Wrap Up 24.08.14

Hello! I hope you are all having a great weekend, or at least have something nice planned for yourselves. Spring is in the air here! This week my fingers were itching to play with paper, ink and photos and my mind whirring with the possibilities. Pocket style Memory keeping has caught up with me and I am embracing it! I started out working on the Family room floor but eventually took it into the studio, where I found no space to work and an impractical layout. 

Over Winter when the space is too cold to work in it had become a dumping ground and things were not being put away. Most of my Paper crafting supplies had been stashed away while sewing and Blythe was my focus. My inks and stamps have always been accessible for the cards I sporadically make but all the frilly, pretty, bling-y, embellish-y bits were deep in the cupboards. So I tucked away all the ribbons and trims and condensed up my Dolly bits and pieces into smaller storage areas, I put my Sewing Machine aside and made space on my open shelves for bling, die cuts, embellishments and those kind of things. I made some of my stamps more easily accessible and bought some little used ink pads out of the drawer and put them up on the shelf, its really practically set up for where I'm at creatively right now.

Stages of Studio clean and reorganise

I'm still knitting and have finished the back of the Debbie Bliss Baby Cardigan, I'm currently working on the left front. I know I'm going to get to a point that really challenges me in the construction of this item and I'm both nervous and excited to get there! Last weekend I used the Rain as an opportunity to get some bone broth on the go. I knew the fire would most likely be at constant flame on grey rainy days so popped Saturdays Chicken carcass in with some Carrots, Celery and Onion. I bought it to the boil on the stove then let it simmer on the fire for 18 hours. Old fashioned slow cooker! The house smelled amazing the next morning and the broth is just So, so good!

I've had my boy home Sick with a cold for most of the week. I think he went to School on Monday and then not again until Friday. It was book week here and we spent some time working together on his Captain America shield. While he didn't end up getting to go in the parade and show it off to his friends the whole process was valuable to share with him as he saw my vision for the creation come to life with his help. He was really quite surprised with the resultant Glittery shield. From the point of showing him how to make a circle using a piece of string, a pencil and an anchor point, to layers of paint. I really enjoyed seeing his delight as we completed each task and he saw it coming together. He was a bit worried the birds might steal it if we left it outside to dry - Precious!
The Mr was also impressed. I really don't consider that when I say something like 'Oh I'll use that old box to make a shield' that he just doesn't see what I see. At the end when I produce the thing  that was just a natural process for my mind, and he looks at it with Admiration, I really start to think about what he may have 'seen' when I originally said I'll use that old box. tee hee

Oh the garden! All the seedlings I planted out seem healthy and happy so far. Violets and Daffodils are popping up everywhere adding cheer and the leaf buds on the trees are swelling. I have even spotted some neighbourhood trees in full bloom! The nights are just a little warmer, as are the days. I love Spring with all her colourful delights and mild warmth, she is on her way!

* Pictures from my Instagram feed.