Sunday, April 13

Weekly Wrap Up 13.04.14

A peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed. 
Well my wrap up is late today as I have been busy password changing thanks to heart bleed. It has been raining on and off all week but this weekend has been gorgeous and Sunny. Easter Holidays have begun and I'm looking forward to the break in School routine.

1. Beading one of my Crochet Middie dresses as a donation for Blythefest.
2. Roses are gorgeous at the moment. Our garden is wearing a beautiful coat of early Autumn colour.
3. This lone White Crocus blooms Early every year. The Yellow companions follow much later.
4. Oh 2048 a thinking game that I spend way too much time playing.
5. I made a card for a sweet little Miss I know.
6. Miniature Pomegranate, such a stunning colour!
7. The view through my kitchen window is totally picturesque at the moment. Here a red Wattle Bird is Bathing.
8. The card in its handmade paper envelope ready for her letterbox. ( I didn't make the Paper )
9. Oh Hexagon Blanket! back out and being worked on as i ponder a new crochet challenge.
10. Our biggest & oldest Gold fish can be most often found in this Sunny corner right now. The fish are beginning to get a little Sluggish and will no doubt be hibernating soon.

Sunday, April 6

Weekly Wrap Up 06.04.14

A peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed. 
Autumn is certainly creeping more obviously into the days, the garden is looking glorious with all the rain we are getting and I feel like I am making progress in removing the black dog from my home, its push - pull but there is progress. 

1. Sunday dishes piling. Acknowledgement of depression. Lots of empathy and understanding received. Buoying.
2. Another new Blythe Doll! Miss Sally Rice named Ivy.
3. My son borrows a book from the library that I already have, he just wants to look at 'his own'.
4. Appealing to my senses as a potential motivator. Beautiful scents and colour.
5. Miniature Pomegranate. So vibrant they look fake. 100% real and no photographic filter. Gorgeous.
6. A 16 deg rainy day was coming so I headed out prior and collected some kindling. Crochet by the fire. Bliss.
7. Yesterday I spotted some Cyclamen sprouting and even an eager white crocus about to bloom.
8. We have the pleasure of hosing a 7 legged huntsman Spider this week. Pleasure as long as he stays up high.
9. Working on a crochet dress for Middie Blythe.. Wondering if I can/will stock my 1/2 trade table at Blythefest.
10. We/he chose a recipe from our matching books & baked boiled chocolate cake. The fudge icing is amazing!

Wednesday, April 2

Crochet Hexagon Blanket Update

I've barely touched my Crochet Mood Blanket these last two weeks, my crochet energy is going into tweaking a doll dress I designed. However as I had completed a lot of hexagons in Feb I am still on track for my one motif a day at this stage.  

I think my proportions are going to have to be reassessed as I thought my blanket would need to be 18 by 18 hexagons but I hadn't taken into account the way hexagons fit together. One side is zigzag, with points of hexies on the outer edge and the adjoining side is notched with flat sides making a rise and fall pattern.

 I had planned to work up to a size of 12 x 12 and to then decide how to progress in rounds adding another 3 hexagons on every side and think about my bordering. I'm at the beginning of the 11th row already having 12 in each existing row and I can see that with the addition of two more rows the piece will still be slightly rectangular in appearance; my blanket will also need to be longer than what I originally estimated, in order to be a nice size to 'cover' our bed.

I've added a few more colours this month and the black isn't bothering me as it was last month, having it more sparsely dispersed makes it easier for me to handle visually. I'll continue on up to my 12 rows of 12 hexagons and decide how to go forward and where to add from there :)

Sunday, March 30

Weekly Wrap Up 30.03.14

A peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed. 
It rained all week. I'm still battling the black dog, its attacking me in a slightly different way this tme.

1. I opened up a Middie Blythe, changed her eye chips & gave her new make up - my first time opening a Middie!
2. I discovered there are black fish in our pond! They look like shadows in a group but there is one in this image.
3. A few colder evenings meant having a lap blanket and working on another blanket kept me warm.
4. This is Peanut the doll I gave a makeover, she used to have blue eyes and be shiny with very blushy cheeks.
5. A new Middie Blythe arrived in my home. I named her Clover, she is a 'Cherish me always'.
6. Lots of roses are blooming and struggling to hold their faces up in this heavy rain.
7. A view from my kitchen window, everything glistening with raindrop jewels.
8. I designed this little crochet doily dress for the full size Blythes. I'm really happy with it.

Tuesday, March 25

National Botanic Gardens - Seeds

I took My Girl to the national Botanic Gardens on Sunday. She has been demonstrating and expressing an interest in photography so we set a date and went out with our cameras, just her and I. As we were entering the gardens I told her I had set myself a challenge to focus on photographing seeds, though when I reviewed my photos I have equally as many flowers and lizards amongst my shots.

I've chosen to only share seed photos today and have to mention the great restraint I exercised to not reach out and grab a head of those paper daisy seeds to pop into my pocket, the temptation was so strong! They were so full and ripe for the picking, just about to blow away - absolutely gorgeous.

Sunday, March 23

Weekly Wrap up 23.03.14

A peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed. 
I took a bit of a break from my Hexagon Blanket this week and let urge to create clothing for the middie Blythe dolls wash over me. I create items through trial and error then try to record successful patterns in the hope that one day I'll be able to successfully write a pattern to share with others.

1. Poor confused trees are flowering again. This is a crab Apple blossom.
2. Semi dried cherry tomatoes from my oven.
3. I threw some linseeds, cranberries and almonds into a portion of the regular Choc chip muffin batter. Yum
4. Two middie Blythe hats packed and ready to shipped.
5. Out came the 2 mm needles and a middie Blythe Cardigan was knitted up.
6. My first reading glasses. Oh my! how I like being able to see what's on my phone screen without straining now.
7. Overnight rain on Friday delivered a lovely Misty Saturday morning.
8. All of the rainbow coloured Middie Blythe clothes I created during the week ready for Etsy.