Friday, October 31

About my Absence

That is our keyboard cord last weekend. Hence I have been without keyboard for around a week, I now have a lovely slim, cord free, solar powered baby in front of me. More recently Bella also went through the printer cord, it's power cord, which luckily was not plugged in. I swear my hair is showing so much more grey since we added this bundle of ( mostly ) joy to our family. Want an excuse to upgrade all your computer equipment ... get a puppy!

I hope to be back to my semi regular posting within the next couple of days once I catch up on the must do online things. x

Tuesday, October 21

Weekly Wrap Up 19.10.14

Some super chilly days this week meant that We ended up starting a fire, this is our only heat source and I couldn't handle the shivering any longer.

Bella took a dive into the pond on one of those super chilly days. I saw that as a good opportunity for her first bath while she could dry by the fire. She didn't enjoy it but was quite good!

The roses will be prolifically blooming by this time next week, if the buds are anything to go by and all the trees are back in leaf now. There are little plums, apricots and figs clearly visible on the fruit trees. All of my Mizuna, Cress, Coriander and  ... something else ... have bolted as it just got too hot in the green house, my onions tomatoes and spinach are looking good though.

There were a few new supplies and a little bit of stamping and paper play last week. Some more work on the baby cardi. too, as of right now ( Tuesday morning ) I have three rows left to finish the second sleeve then it will be on to assembly and neck/button band work. I'm so eager to start the Rainbow ripple baby blanket for my other sister and at the same time have a new burst of enthusiasm to finish this cardigan!
Last week seemed to disappear in the blink of an eye and I feel the end of 2014 coming toward me with speed. Have a great week sweet readers!

Thursday, October 16

King Parrots

A pair of pretty king parrots came to visit. The male ( red head /chest ) was right outside the lounge room window. I sneaked out with the camera and saw the female ( green head/chest )  up on top of the arch, she blends in and is much harder to see, I knew to look for her though as it is rare that you will ever see these birds alone.

I stayed behind the camera so as not to make direct eye contact and scare them off, slowly inching forward to get a better view when suddenly he took flight, directly towards me at low level and landed on a branch a little more than arms reach away!

He kept his back towards me as if posing! looked at me over his left and right a couple of times , then I lowered the camera and spoke to him. He stayed a few seconds longer, let out a squawk and they flew away.

Monday, October 13

Weekly Wrap Up 12.10.14

The Puppy Edition

Omgosh, where did that last week of School holidays go? It rushed by in a sleep deprived haze and days filled with cleaning Puppy Pee off the floor; taking all the feathers, stones and sticks she bought in back outside; stolen shoes and/or socks and regular night time alarms to take her out doors for a wee, Puppies are a lot of work and much like toddlers in that they are learning everything, exploring everything and so very curious. Some days you really feel like you have made great progress and the next wonder what the heck you were thinking yesterday as things get crazy.

The garden kept on growing and there were a couple of stolen moments for Creating, Also loads of outside time, with a glorious week of Spring weather I took some beautiful photos of a pair of King Parrots and one night caught Mrs Poss stealing away some roses on Film too. I didn't take any great pics of the Blood Moon but did get some quite average ( to poor ) ones. My Daughter saw a Kangaroo in our garden on Saturday afternoon  and s/he must have come back that night as there is Kangaroo Poo in the driveway ( much to Miss Bellas delight )

The kids are back at School today, the start of the 4th term, boy this year has passed quickly. Bella is a bit lost without all the activity and noise of the rest of the family, its just her and I. Also its grey and rainy, has been like this all day, also for the first time since she has been here. As she arrived in the holidays, she hasn't known days like this ... so relaxed and quiet. Lets see what happens once the kids get home :)

Thursday, October 9

Puppy Love

Meet Bella! 

Heart meltingly Cute, Charmingly Curious, Astoundingly intelligent, Amazingly Affectionate, Bewilderingly Energetic, Frustratingly Naughty, Excessively Time Consuming, Exceedingly Tiring and Endlessly Entertaining.

Our newest Family member. She drives us Crazy and has us scratching our heads wondering what on Earth we were thinking when we decided to get a Puppy, but we love her to bits.

Monday, October 6

Weekly Wrap Up 5.10.2014

Hello! Another Day late post compliments of the public holiday. Daylight savings has started, the eldest Child has gone back to his Mums and we are at the mid point of the school holidays now. This week was not off to the best of starts for me but did end quite joyously.

 As it is warming up the windows are often open,Tuesday was treacherously windy. A huge gust got behind this heavy Vintage mirror and bought it crashing down on the bedroom Floor. So much glass absolutely everywhere ( I'm still finding it ) A nice big dent in my hardwood floor too. :(   The Mirror had belonged to my Mr's Poppa It was an emotional loss for me, such a beautiful history bearing piece of generations of his family.
Then later that afternoon my Boy got stung by a Bee for the first time. He has a very low pain tolerance threshold. Such emotional anguish! The day wound up quite nicely with the Mr bringing me chocolate, saying he was Ok about the mirror and taking care of the evening meal while I went into the studio and closed the door for a while. Lovely.
I didn't find out until a couple of days later that this was also the day my Credit Card details were used fraudulently for a close to $2000.00 shopping spree! Card is now cancelled and recovery process started buts its quite inconvenient. 

Flowers, Flowers everywhere and an ever increasing Green Veil growing on the bare tree branches! 
This week I redressed one of my Blythe Dolls, Jenna. It was the first time I have handled one of my dolls since Blythefest. On the yarn front I'm still Knitting the Debbie Bliss baby Cardi and making Ok progress, I really needed a break and the call of the hook was strong I volunteered to pattern test for Shelley of Spincushions, Something on a tight deadline helped get my head back into the world of crochet with a couple of her Pinkie squares. 

I took the Kids out to Tidbinbilla on Friday. We didn't see any Koalas this time but did catch sight of a few Wallabies. 4 Emus and lots of birds and Kangaroos. Just had some fun being out in Nature and enjoying the sunshine.
Yesterday the Mr picked up our Puppy!!  From her birthplace a few hours away and bought her home to us. She is our first family Pet and we think she might be the cutest dog in the world! I'll pop back and introduce her when we know her a little better and I'll share some Tidbinbilla pics this week too.
Stay Happy peeps.