Crochet Hexagon Blanket - Update

Last Month I got the itch to go back and do some more work on this Blanket. I ordered the rest of the yarn I think I will need to finish it and started working up little hexagons. I created a half hexagon to fill the gaps on 2 of the sides. I've yet to work out how to fill the triangular spaces on the other sides, I'm not making all of my sides flat yet. I still need to add some size, it almost fits across my bed now, I think two more lengthwise rows will make it a nice size for a topper and two or three rows added to the length should finish it.  plan to do a simple border of some sort but haven't thought too much about that yet.

While I do love this project, I feel my interest waning again. Though I have no doubt it will be my 'go to' project once winter hits. It's lovely to have over my lap as I work on it. 
I started a sophies universe and while the pattern is stunning, Ultimately I don't think it's a design that reflects me, so that has come to a standstill momentarily while I decide if I should push forward or let it go. I did make myself a gorgeous chunky cowl which is waiting to be washed so I can wear it.  I feel that it will be something much smaller gracing my hook next, who knows?
We are still in School holidays here and lit our first fire for warmth this week. Leaves are still falling and I'm very busy in the front garden, there are lots of gorgeous birds migrating at the moment and it is wondrous to watch the honeyeaters come to bathe and feed on their way through. 


If Autumn were a place I would without a doubt be a native, it's the season that makes my soul contently sing and my heart happy.

It's when the garden calls me. The days are warm and golden, at the moment the mornings are getting very crisp. I can smell smoke from people's wood fires beginning to tinge the air early when I let the dog out. We haven't lit ours yet, but there's been at least one morning where it would have been lovely.

These beautiful days draw me outdoors and have me trying to accurately capture, using my evolving photography skills, the simple beauty that lives in my garden. The fallen feathers delight me, the wildlife intrigues me, the colours fill me with wonder and the limited flowers are like rare jewels.

Those grey days are perfect for sitting snuggled with crochet projects in hand, I pulled out my hexagon blanket again and am feeling inspired to finish it. I've set my Sophie's Universe CAL aside for the minute while I work on hexagons, I've started Part 5 of Sophie, and will come back to it in moments I feel the need for challenge and have time to concentrate. Maybe she's a winter project?

Canberra Balloon Spectacular 2015

We were up Early this morning and off before the sun was visible above the horizon, headed for this year's Balloon Spectacular

If you have followed my Balloon photos over the years you will notice a few differences this time around. I have put what I've learned about perspective into play with my angles and cropping, I've also chosen to keep lots of the crowd in the images, while they are visual clutter, they do add value as a reference point for size of the balloons and popularity of the event.
The other main key difference is that you will not see Balloons in flight here!

No Balloons in flight was not a conscious choice on my part. The wind conditions were not suitable for flight today so a handful of operators inflated and tethered their Balloons on the lawns of old parliament house. Scouts, RAAF and Capital Chemist loyal regular every year participants and the notable favourite fancy participants this year were Yoda, Dodo ( internet ) and an angry bird.
Yoda had an Entourage of Stormtroopers and Emporer Palpatine in tow, We saw lots of people posing for photos with the costumed team. Dodo towered, above the others and was quite an imposing figure.

 We headed home at about 7.30 am the sun was up then. We are at the mid-point of what seems to be a perfect long weekend here. I hope you enjoyed my photos and have a great weekend wherever you are. x

Mating Hawk Moths

In the golden afternoon light, something dropped from the willow blowing in the wind and hit my Daughter on the head. "Mum" she called "Something just fell on my head, it's a bird's wing, or maybe a baby bird, it has feathers."

It took me a while to work out it was two large moths Mating. They eventually parted company and I bought this stick near to them, they both instantly climbed on, at a distance from each other and I propped them up in the olive tree as their best camouflage option.

I love the distinct black and white band on the bottom edge of its wings! I think this is the male and the slightly warmer toned one on the underside of the stick is the female, though I am just basing this on what I know about the colouring of birds, I have no technical knowledge of anything to do with Moths.

 I hope you have enjoyed my picture heavy post of these two prettily patterned insects, I had a lot of fun photographing them, I haven't been a very good photography student in my course these last few weeks and it's almost over.

Crochet Baby Cardigan

I made this one for my Neice Scarlet. 

 I'd gotten quite a few rows through this when I realised there was an error in one of the earlier rows, this was confirmed by other ravelers. As per my usual way of working, I left it and continued on rather than unravelling. Now when I look at the pictures I see the messy flow in the yoke and it bothers me slightly but I'm sure people will be gazing into her striking blue eyes, not at my misaligned ripples.

The free pattern is called Emmys baby Cardigan, I used Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply Cotton in Snow and Hollyhock. I found a cute Vintage button in my stash to finish this off, I anchored it with a smaller button on the back for added security. Details of my changes and general notes on Ravelry

My Harshest Critic

Lately, I've really dropped the ball with all the organisation systems I set in place at the start of the year. I retreat into my crochet, making pretty things while the clutter and chaos build around me.

So, a few days ago I had a realisation that crochet is not just about creativity for me. It is also a symptom of anxiety; something I retreat into, take pride in and can control completely. It is a source of Self Validation! Once I had realised this I decided to get out a planner or folder the next day ... to do at least one thing ... to try and gain some semblance of order, to self-validate in another way.

That night I had a dream that in its most abbreviated form was as follows:-
I was at my place of work, not loving it and feeling Blah. I knew that my new Boss was coming tomorrow and she would not be impressed, I was quite sure she would fire me and tell me I was not good at the managers position, I knew she was right. She was going to tell me all about the girl who used to do my job, she loved that girl and wanted her back in the position. ( this made me feel all eye rolly and sarcastically gushy )
I was resigned to the fact that I was so bad at my job I deserved to get fired. I thought about asking the Mr if I could just quit my job but I knew the family really relied on me to do that job and he would not think it was a good idea.
So, I decided I had just better pull my socks up because my Family needed me to, my boss couldn't fire me without a reason, I was ready to fight, I knew my rights and I could do the job as well as the goody two shoes who made it look like a breeze a few months ago.

Gotta love how our subconscious delivers messages to us at times!
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