Female Eastern Rosella

Image Details :-

Eastern Rosella
Taken Using my Canon 650D
Lens:- 70 - 200mm f/4-32
Focal length 200mm
1/250, f4, ISO 100

About this picture

Taken in my backyard August 2016
This was a Female Eastern Rosella on the ground with one young. Eastern Rosellas have been visiting frequently for the last week or so. We had 12 in the back yard at once one day, which is the largest group of Eastern Rosellas I have seen grazing together. I only usually see them in two's or threes. I was pleased to get some good shots of these two yesterday afternoon as I usually find them quite flighty and hard to capture. This adult bird shone in the fresh green grass. The young bird blended in and my focus wasn't as sharp on it.

About Eastern Rosella

Eastern Rosellas are medium-sized colourful parrots with distinctive white cheek patches. It has a red head, neck and breast, with yellowish to greenish upper parts, a yellow underbody and a yellow-green to blue-green rump, with a red undertail. The shoulders are bright blue. Females are usually similar to males, but sometimes duller and young birds are even duller and can be aged by their bill colour, which is yellow or orange, changing to off-white when mature.
This information copied from Birds in Backyards where more detailed information can be found if you are interested


  1. So cool. I was excited to read the title of your post in my feed, knowing it was going to be a bird!!! Yay!

    It looks to be related/the same/whatever as what we know here as budgies, budgerigars. Ours are various, light/dilute shades of blues, yellows and greens. If it is the same kind of bird, I guess.

    1. Hi J, No these are bigger than budgies. We have those here too not as prevalent about this area wild though apparently so in some places. They are popular aviary birds and pets. The Rosellas are closer in size to pigeons but smaller than pigeons. x

  2. I love the name of your blog and this bird is beautiful! Thanks for sharing! Have a lovely weekend!

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