Awakening Spirit

In my last post I said I could feel change coming and that my Spirit was stirring, I now believe that my Spirit is actually awakening... that is my Divine eternal Spirit, you know ... the light housed in my Earthly body?!

I am drawn to and attracting all kinds of information related to Self love practices. Information related to Chakra's is popping up for me online and meditation beckons. I have initiated a personal Yoga practice.

My initial Foray into Yoga was two years ago. At that Time I was practicing in a Class and really got a lot from it. I felt fantastic and my thirst for knowledge was being quenched with personal insight, physical awareness and pose technique details. 

Its not lost on me that I was initially drawn to Yoga in winter of 2014 and now again as winter sets in my thoughts and instincts take me to the natural point of natures cycle which dictates nurturing.

My dreams are delivering fantastic insights as to what a particular situation actually is as opposed to what I have always believed it to be, I'm working on moving beyond it and dealing with emotional baggage. 

For years I have been dreaming about houses and a beautiful, spacious, pristine upstairs room that was so difficult to access. The stairs were often broken or it was a tiny secret tunnel through a wall, sometimes the floor was unstable so it wasn't safe to go there ... all kinds of challenges but I knew that space was sitting there unused, I sometimes got to stand in it but mostly I was just remembering it was there and trying to remember and /or work out how to access it.

I recently had a dream where I found out there was a massive sweeping stair case leading to the elusive space but the stairs were carpeted and covered in all kinds of clutter in the form of secret compartments and shelves holding candles ... lots of stuff I saw as unnecessary, and it was still pretty tricky to get up to the room especially when I was suddenly carrying a pile of folded clothes that I was dropping everywhere and didn't want to have to take up there.

Last night in dream land my car was facing the wrong way in traffic, everything was at a stand still but I was between to cars and facing the opposite direction. and I didn't know how I got there like that. Also I parked my car and got distracted from what I should have been doing by spending ages browsing in what I referred to as a 'junk shop' and though of as 'the shop where they sell other peoples rubbish.' While I was browsing other peoples junk my car got stolen!

All beautiful symbolism that is not lost on me either. I've long been good at reading the symbolism in dreams ( which also comes in handy as a tool to identify a few things going on in my 'tweenage' daughters life )

So here I am quite uncomfortable about this oversharing but standing bravely in my Truth.
I'm not sure where its all leading but I'm willing to find out, I'm paying attention to the messages and feel quite willing to show up and handle the work that will let me access that beautiful upstairs dream room in the fashion I desire!

In the interest of transparency :- the image above is taken from a website a I am not affiliated with and have not used before, additionally I do not have permission to use it. I have linked back to the original source. I shared it for its stunning visual appeal but its not mine.


  1. I love your funky new header, it is like a mirror to your post today...sparkley clean minimalist. Life really is what you make it. xx

    1. Thankyou gorgeous! Thats my current mood. x


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