Invest in what you value.

This is a post about Value but not about management of Finances, I'm here to remind you that money is not the only currency you possess!
Have you considered time, energy, emotion and mental space as forms of currency? I really believe these are things we could invest more wisely, for better returns on self love and general wellness.
Take a few minutes to think about what you Value. If this is not clear to you think about the things you look after well and/or take great care with. Think of the things that benefit you and you desire more of. Think in terms of what/who lights you up, what/who you look forward to, what/who supports you.
Over the last several years both consciously and organically I have been mindful of where I am investing these things, struggling most with emotion. I have some long held emotional investments that really don't serve or benefit me in any way but I struggle to let them go. One in particular I'm trying to let go with Love. While I'm perplexed as to why the universe surfaced this one again, I really just have to remember to be conscious that it's playing out the way its meant to and trust all will be revealed in perfect time.
Some of the things I Value and make a conscious effort to invest in are :-
  • Nature
  • Creativity
  • Silence
  • My Primary Relationships - Family
  • Learning
  • Gratitude
  • Honesty
  • Kindness
To make investing in these things possible I have chosen to let go of relationships with People who are negative and unpleasant to engage with. I'm working on habits that support the presence of these Valuable things in my life. I'm reducing Possessions - so many have left and there are many, many more yet to be released from my custody. While these are the things I am doing, its not a one size fits all scenario. Identifying what you Value and how you pay for it will help you, not only in deciding what to keep in your life but perhaps more importantly, assessing what you are willing to allow into your life.
Once what you value is clear you will probably start to look at things a bit differently.  Establishing what you Value will so beneficial for you as you work towards becoming centered and truly loving towards yourself. Invest in what you Value Friends and watch your investments grow bountiful, beautiful Blooms!