The strength in our perceived weaknesses.

The power of Vulnerability.
Wait up ... Admitting you are Vulnerable, doesn't that make you weak? Admitting your fears and inadequacy is opening yourself up for attack - Right? Protect yourself, be strong, no fear and all that. This is my historical standpoint.
I often see Vulnerability as a perceived state, something each individual sees as weakness in themselves. Something they might feel reluctant to share for fear of judgement or ridicule, something that is uncomfortable to them. Vulnerability is a part of our truth. Perceived or real, each individual persons Vulnerability contributes to who they are, its a factor in what makes you authentic, a part of your unique truth.
I believe that sharing a vulnerability is Brave, without question, and isn't being brave actually making you stronger, through facing your fear? Doesn't standing uncomfortably in weakness teach you something?
The most prominent example of perceived weakness I can pull from my own life came about 10 years ago, from a gem of wisdom shared by my Mr. He came home to find me in tears, which was not unusual.'I just can't do this anymore' I said, 'I need to see a doctor'. This admission devastated me, I was too weak to handle 'it' myself, I needed outside help, the darkness was winning, this would mean medication. So Mr. hugged me through the flood of Vulnerable tears and said ...

"Admitting you need help is not weak, its Strong."

This was such a revelation for me. Admittedly through the dark lens of Depression everything was tainted, but handling things myself was my standard operating system. What I saw as weakness he admired as strength? Bingo!
I've noticed that when I feel dissatisfied with the way I've worded something, someone thanks me for sharing the idea.When I face my discomfort and vulnerably speak from my heart other people recognise and relate to this. I think this is what Brene Brown calls having the Courage to be imperfect.
I quite comfortably accept imperfection in things I make but not so much in myself. I'm coming to consider that Vulnerability can be a friend, one that contributes to building community and authentic connections. What if we open ourselves to the acceptance of our imperfection and consider what opportunities Vulnerability actually presents for personal Growth and connection.

I want to add a little thanks here To my new friend and kindered Spirit Carolyn who inspired me to write this post. x