Spinebills and Kangaroo Paws

Eastern Spinebills In Kangaroo paw blooms currently capturing my heart at the Australian National Botanic Gardens. Two gorgeous Aussie Natives. Look at this tiny bird with its entire beak down the throat of the flower gathering nectar. 

The display of Kangaroo paws at ANBG is starting to fade now but the mass plantings were absolutely stunning a few weeks ago. I've been making it a habit to go every week now, the incline walking of the hilly site is good for me and there are so many busy summer birds about. 

The Eastern Spinebills (Acanthorhynchus tenuirostris) are one of Australia's smaller honey eaters. They feed on nectar and insects and are one of the only Australian birds ( that I'm aware of ) that can hover. Their long curved beaks are well suited for tubular and bell shaped flowers.

Through my floristry and plant study Kangaroo Paw (anigozanthos) have become one of my favourite Australian flowers they come in these very tall versions and also more compact forms in almost every warm colour and there are also green varieties, purple is coming into play now too.

I have a compact pink and a compact white in a pot … Oh I forgot the white up above when I was listing colours! Do you have a favourite? Its too hard for me to choose, though after seeing the display at the gardens this year I'm inspired to plant a bigger grouping in the ground for next year. I'd love to see some of the little birds return to our suburban garden.