Beauty is in the eye of the beholder.

Recently I received a compliment from someone close to me.
I declined a junk food 'treat' explaining that I had been being good to myself.
The reply was " I've been looking at you recently and you are really looking good." or something to that effect, I thanked the person and moved on.
Later however my natural introvert overthinking came into play and questions arose.
  • Did that mean I looked pretty?
  • Had they noticed better posture?
  • Was it about how I presented myself?
  • Have I lost weight?
  • Is it my confidence?
  • The way I am approaching life these days?
  • Maybe they just hadn't been looking at me before?
What exactly is it that makes them think I am looking good?
Then I realised something ... You know what?

It doesn't matter!

Not one little bit, if someone thinks I am looking good, better than last month, then great! I'm not playing to be admired, just trying to be kind to myself and nurture my Spirit, if something about that resonates with someone else Hurrah! I don't need to know why, its not about me. Its something happening for them!
I told myself to just take the compliment and move forward with Grace. I acknowledge its hard to tell someone you 'notice' them, and I'm just thankful that someone took the time to connect in that way with me.

Remember that the way in which people connect with you or react to you is about them and their own journey.