The changing of the guard ( Bird Edition )

Over the decade or so that we have lived here the range of bird life has greatly changed. From the smaller rose robins, silver eyes, black birds and eastern Spine-bills that were frequent in our earlier years. We have had a fairly constant presence of Magpies, Currawongs, Pigeons, Rosellas, Noisy Miners cockatoos etc This year however the the rise of the predatory birds has been noted.

This is the first year we didn't see a single silver eye or spotted Pardalote, there are no red wattle birds either. Last year I actually saw the Currawongs snatching the pardalotes in mid air, as they flew to their nesting site.

Last week a juvenile crested pigeon was on the ground against our glass door. In fact, almost between the screen and glass with feathers around it, we were alerted to it's presence by a tapping sound, we went to its aid confused by its positioning but assuming it had crashed into the glass. It was clearly in shock but scooted up the sloping trunk of the maple into the leaf canopy. I was mystified when I noticed dripping blood hitting the paving beneath it. It rested there overnight and well into the next morning before moving along.

The population of Australian Ravens has dramatically increased locally and they are frequently in our garden now. They are scavengers and very clever opportunistic predators in my experience. They prey on weak and young animals. A few weeks ago I rescued a emaciated young Galah being attacked on two side by ravens in the rain, while the others waited not too away. The frightened fighting Galah latched onto my thumb as reward for my good deed and has left me with a lovely scar. S/he was safely deposited at out local vets for assessment and care.

Despite the rise of the predatory birds nothing could have prepared me for finding this Juvenile Collard sparrow hawk sitting quietly by my clothesline plucking it's prey a few days ago! Now I know a pile of feathers on the ground indicates the presence of this beautiful predator and think it has been here before.

Juvenille Collared Sparrow Hawk
I've never seen one or even knew they would be suburban hunters in this area. I suspect it was the cause of the bleeding pigeon the week earlier too.


  1. Good to see a post from you. My husband keeps pigeons and they are often attacked by hawks. They are very cunning.

    1. It has been a long time, between posts. Nice to see a comment from a long ago reader. thank you so much. I'm glad you are still here. x


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