Pebbly Beach


We Recently took the kids out of school for a couple of days and all went camping. One of our adventures took us to pebbly beach on the South Coast of NSW . On the way back up from the beach to the car ... by the way look at this gorgeous National park so lush ... so anyway, I was snapping some pics of the kids and the ducks that were to my right then as we rounded the last bend a bird came form behind and LANDED ON MY HEAD!  Crazy gibberish ensued .. "a bird landed on my head! OMG did a bird just land on me? where is it? what was it? was there a bird on my head?" there was general laughter and amazement between the three us as the car park came into view and then this happened ...

There were birds everywhere and all over everyone! Off the top of my head there were at least 11 other people there in various groupings but really I was just insanely lost in the experience and shared wonder between us all.  These birds are wild, they have learned over time that people feed them, so if you hold our your arm you will get some curious visitors. I didn't actually have any food but did have several one sided conversations with birds, telling them how beautiful they were and apologising for tricking them. The Green and Red birds in these images are King Parrots, the more brightly coloured birds are Rainbow lorikeets. My daughter took the pictures with me in them.  While pebbly beach is apparently renowned for this I had no idea! Can you believe a bird lover like me had no clue about this place !?