Rose Robin

I think Robins are just the most darling and sweet looking birds. Not just because of their colour but their proportions, head shape, beak length and eye size just creating such a perfectly cute little package. This guy has been visiting us solo around dusk lately. 

I have seen it at other times during the day when a motley crew of silver eyes and what ever other little honey eaters, fan tails and associated feathered friends fly in together. We have seen a/the female once but she doesn't have the 'look at me' breast to give her away when she visits, so she may be about more often and go unnoticed.

He is getting more used to my presence as I follow him around telling him not to be bothered, that he should just go about his business, he is a pretty boy and I just want to photograph him. he flits from tree top to tree top catching insects and seems to follow a couple of circuits of the bare branched trees and darts into one of two evergreen trees if he needs to take cover.

These little birds have been the cause of many a late dinner as I set off out into the garden following them about with my camera. They lead a merry chase and my photography attempts are usually not too good but yesterday I had a win!


  1. Lovely! We love some bird watching around here as well!


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