More about Intention.

Sometimes you can have good intentions and things don't go according to plan.
I don't want to be using the word in that context of excuse for self failure or not following through ... 'Well I had good intention' ...  for example to do this bread bag tutorial for the Down To earth girls.

The reason what I read yesterday jumped out at me and it became clear why Intention had been shouting inside my head 'Choose me , Choose me' Was because I saw that its about planning, about thinking forward, laying some mental groundwork that goes along with the idea.
Deliberate, Goal and purpose wore words that jumped out.
Intention is more than having a good idea and saying I'll do it sometime soon.
Now its thinking about what is involved, assessing the time constraints and other commitments, its considering the process not just the end result.
In doing this I take pressure off myself. I take all the 'should have done by now' voices away. I take all the 'maybe if' voices away. I replace them with things such as I can, I will , I am and ... I won't, Its not practical and Its not worth it.
Its a learning process though.
I consciously think the work 'Intention' and consider it in my daily tasks.

Bread bag design by Coffeee D2E moderator working with me on the bread bag tutorial.
Stitching completed by me Jan 2010.

I'm not assuming that I will totally eradicate failure and have zero time wastage on my hands with this. I am thinking though, that I will be more productive, be happier with what I do and not beat myself up so much about what I didn't or could have done.
Its working that way for me so far.

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