Crochet Hexagon Blanket - Update

Last Month I got the itch to go back and do some more work on this Blanket. I ordered the rest of the yarn I think I will need to finish it and started working up little hexagons. I created a half hexagon to fill the gaps on 2 of the sides. I've yet to work out how to fill the triangular spaces on the other sides, I'm not making all of my sides flat yet. I still need to add some size, it almost fits across my bed now, I think two more lengthwise rows will make it a nice size for a topper and two or three rows added to the length should finish it.  plan to do a simple border of some sort but haven't thought too much about that yet.

While I do love this project, I feel my interest waning again. Though I have no doubt it will be my 'go to' project once winter hits. It's lovely to have over my lap as I work on it. 
I started a sophies universe and while the pattern is stunning, Ultimately I don't think it's a design that reflects me, so that has come to a standstill momentarily while I decide if I should push forward or let it go. I did make myself a gorgeous chunky cowl which is waiting to be washed so I can wear it.  I feel that it will be something much smaller gracing my hook next, who knows?
We are still in School holidays here and lit our first fire for warmth this week. Leaves are still falling and I'm very busy in the front garden, there are lots of gorgeous birds migrating at the moment and it is wondrous to watch the honeyeaters come to bathe and feed on their way through. 


  1. I love the top pic, the colours are gorgeous all together.
    I have been thinking about beginning a hooky project now our weather is cooling down a bit.
    I hope you are all enjoying the slower pace of school hols. xx

    1. Thanks sweet, this is not all the colours I have used but just the ones made with the Morris and sons colours. I'm not adding any more Bendigo cotton at this stage as I need more solid structure for the outer rounds.

  2. I agree, the tonal quality of your color choices is just plain lovely. I am guessing that you would not say your work is perfect, but it is preciously close. You are so inspiring.

    1. Thanks lovely lady! With my crochet, I often fix up a 'mistake' by adding a stitch here or decreasing there, it's certainly not perfect in the literal sense of the word, but I accept this as the nature of hand made. I don't look for the errors in a completed piece, who has the time or inclination to bother really? I know the fudges are there, but embrace that is what makes it uniquely mine. x


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