Weekly Wrap Up 04.05.14

A peek into my week via a selection of pictures from my Instagram feed. 
This week was about trying to get back into school routine, birthday preparations and keeping warm as winter lets us know its on the way.

1. I accidentally left the freezer door opened overnight. Trying to save defrosted fruit, jam making began.
2.Beautiful misty Autumn morning being sung to by an adult male golden whistler. Pretty Bird, gorgeous song.
3.A little bit of car crochet before school pick up one afternoon.
4.Meat Pie for Dinner one night, packed up with finely chopped veges too.
5.Some surprise gifts in the mail from a thoughtful instagram friend returning kindness.
6.A couple of days on the couch in the coughing, hot/cold, heavily congested stages of flu. My blanket s growing.
7.More Jam. I did not manage to use/save all the thawed fruit, courtesy of the flu.
8.Lots of good 'can't put it down' books in our home this week. I love seeing my kids with heads in books.
9. My Sons Birthday Cake.
10. Last night I pulled out an abandoned WIP and started joining, I need to break up my hexagon production.


  1. I hope you have recovered from the flu, Tammy. It isn't much fun to have. I love the look of that pie!

    1. Thanks Chel, I've gotten a bit more relaxed with my pie forms thanks to watching River cottage earlier in the year. This one was extra full too :)


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