Colourful Crochet!

Just quickly popping in to show you what I am working on!

This is one of those those things that really didn't have an end destination or purpose in mind when I began. it wasn't a planned project, I realised I wasn't working on anything and need something to do while I watch TV in the evenings so I decided to try a new block, pulled out the colours that appealed and set to work making variously coloured repeats of the same block and let me tell you, most imperfect they are!

 As crochet hexagons have started to invade my brain space this project has evolved into a cushion cover in the making, it sit on, or in front of my chair with my essential books, an ever growing pile of them really!

Actually the pile of things on and around my chair is ever growing in these last few days with my Sun hat there as I am constantly in and out, some mail that needs to be posted, usually a tablet or phone and the big pile of colourful creative goodness! This really drives my Mr a bit batty but he knows its a part of 'me' so usually just looks at it and quietly sighs to himself. Do you have a spot where you sit among your family members and craft?


  1. I wish I could just pick up some yarn and do what you do. The color combinations are so lovely.

    1. Thank you! I'm in a bright sunshiny mood lately. x

  2. Wow it's absolutely beautiful!

    1. Thank you Bekka! Now I just need to get to work on completing the back panels!

  3. Oh Tammy - I just adore the colours. It is so lovely.


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