Aussie Farmers Direct

I get my Aussies Farmers Direct 'family box' fortnightly.

To start up I had trouble navigating their website to set up that first order. There was a lot of try clicking this, try clicking that and no 'how to' instructions that I could find on the site.

My first delivery was more on the disappointing side but partly due to my own misconception. I perceived I would be getting a box of produce 'farm gate' style so was a bit miffed to get a box of produce from the fruit and veg markets. ie things in plastic. My idea of Gourmet tomatoes did not match the image of what was in that box. With my first delivery she knocked on my door and proudly told me there was a Sweet potato in there ( that had not been included on the list ) When I came in and opened it there was no sweet potato and also the pears were missing.

First Box.

I commented on their face book page and they advised me to contact the call centre for a credit. A notable amount of the feedback I read on the Facebook page was in criticism of the call centre and as we had only paid $15.00 for that first $35.00 box I decided to let it slide.

I had fun with the ingredients of that first box and used some thing's I had never tried before. At the end there was a glut of Apples left and a lot of Onions so I cooked up the apples and froze them then awaited the second delivery.
The second delivery was missing the mandarins, this time I called and spoke to someone perfectly pleasant who indicated it was difficult to credit an item from a pre pack but happily organised it for me anyway.

We are now up to our third box and my overall perceptions are that for our family the fruit to Veg ratio is out of whack. I'd ideally prefer more Veg and less fruit.

The produce is almost always as fresh as if you bought from the fruit and Veg market as opposed to Supermarket, hence it lasts much longer. I have only had one item from three deliveries not go the distance and it could have been incorrect storage on my part.
I think you do have to be on the ball and organised in your kitchen and menu planning to use this service effectively and reduce or eliminate waste. I am currently not organised or on the ball.
I have about 30 brown onions, two red onions and probably 15 apples in addition to all that are already preserved. 
I'm going to caramelise and freeze some of the onion. I'll used the apples.
My Mr and I  have a joke going at the moment ... 'can you add some onion to that?' when we see each other in the kitchen.

Second Box

So in Summary...
The convenience for me is a big plus as I just set up that regular rotation and they charge my card.
The value is good IMO.
The introduction to new and different product is good also.
Also the opportunity to try different varieties. We got 4 different types of Apples last box.
The big plus for me here is that it is an Aussie company selling Aussie products.
You can get a indicative look at what will be in your box on their website.
They send out a recipe in each box and there were cooking instructions with the Chestnuts.

I haven't got any reason to not recommend giving them a try. 


  1. Thanks for the review Tammy. I'd been meaning to give them a try. It looks nice enough.

    For years, I had a lovely couple come around weekly, delivering fresh produce, collected that morning from the F&V markets for $25 per box. They always gave me the pieces that were starting to turn, for nothing. They separated and the wife kept it going but the quantity and quality weren't as good.

    I had the same problem, that I was left with 8 sweet potates, 20 carrots etc etc by the end of a fortnight but I just put the thinking cap on and menu planned accordingly. I always used those vegies up in my muffins and cakes for the kids. (*insert sneaky laugh*) They never knew any different. I'd like to get back into that habit again.


  2. Thanks for taking the time to post this Tammy, its interesting to see what other people think of the system. So far I'm pleased but going for the couples box next time (too afraid that I won't use up everything in the family box!)

  3. We love AFD as well and have been getting their boxes for nearly a year now! I alternate between the family box and the couples box each week, depending on how much I have left. I love the variety and the challenge of thinking up new menu plans that use up all the great produce. And of course the boxes are so much fun for crafting!

  4. Great post Tammy, every weekend we used to go to the markets and get our F & V but sadly we dont seem to have the time any more. I have thought about doing something like this and will have to look into WA suppliers.

  5. Great review Tammy. AFD don't deliver here, but a few other companies do and I occasionally try one or the other. I do find I end up with way too much of some things though. Had a good giggle at the 'like some onion with that'. We've had similar!

  6. I found you via googleing them!
    You came up quickly but I actually wanted to change my order, hah.
    Good post and very realistic about how it feels to get their stuff.
    I havent cooked my chestnuts yet though, have you?


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