Cherry Ripe

Another crochet project. I love how mixing up yarns and gauges can achieve such different effects. After the knitted dishcloth last week I decided to hook one and just a few rows in I remembered I had this two ply yarn from Dairing that I bought at the craft and quilt fair last year. I'm not sure why I thought of it.

I had started kitting it into a lacy decorative Scarf and didn't like it so it was frogged.
As I went digging through my basket for it I saw the remainder of my Lush Yarn that I knitted up my Baktus with last year. Oh what a rich Match!

Coming together with such a beautiful texture.
Single Crochet on a big hook :)

I think its destined to be another neck warmer or short Scarf of some description.
The colours remind me of Cherry Ripe.

*** edited to add that it has just been bought to my attention Lush yarn is no longer available and in an apparent sad state of affairs so please don't go looking for it from I'm reading people have been left out of pocket too. So Sad.

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  1. I love mixing it up fact I never follow directions, just get started and hope for the best.
    I love the mix of yarn you are using.

  2. Oh please don't get me started on chocolate so early in the morning!

    Looking good.

  3. Oh yum Tammy. That looks delicious!

  4. Gorgeous! I love the combination. I've been squinting at the labels..merino, mohair and silk? Divine. :)

  5. I love experimental crochet and knitting! Mix it up!:-)

  6. Just beautiful Tammy. I love the colours together, very clever and creative.

  7. Oh it is looking FABULOUS Tammy!
    those colours & textures together make a beautiful combination :)

  8. OOo very nice Tammy, i am loving the colour mix.


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