Jam making

Those of you who pop by frequently would know I had a bit of a meltdown about the quantity of fruit and my jam making last weekend.

Some friends forwarded on recipes for plum sauce and other plum condiments which I do sincerely appreciate, though I am at a worn down tired phase of not feeling able to attempt anything more and also trying to hold on the the last vestiges of wanting to 'master ' jam.

I LOVE the colour of this last jam its awesome. 

Jam made with Dawson Plums.
I still have a variety of plums that I really was looking forward to jamming if I have the persistence to do it and can get the fruit in time. I have read that Bullace make the best tangy tart jam and that is what I like. The recipe I'm using is a 1:1 fruit : sugar ratio. I have added lemon juice to both batches to increase the tang as purely sweet does not hold appeal to me personally. 

Problems related to the jam angst last weekend :-
I did not start in a clean kitchen - which I know not to do but felt pressed for time so threw my preferences aside.
Not have enough jars for the quantity of fruit I had cooked.
Too many pots and bowls came into play due to my lack of planning and preparedness.
Oh the Mess. Jam mess on every jar and surface thy were in contact with.

So I bought myself some tools ( I haven't given up yet ) and think I will be ever appreciative of this funnel, to ensure more gets in the jars and less gets on the jars.

Bottling funnel and jar tongs

and while we are on the subject of jars I bought some more.
I am using Ball mason 500ml wide mouth can or freeze jars and putting plastic storage lids on the jam we are eating. I also used these jars to divide up the chicken stock I recently made and it is in the freezer with plastic storage caps on top, this allows for expansion in freezer.

Ball Mason 250ml quilted crystal preserving jar

With this batch of jars I bought I also purchased some 250ml quilted jars, they are so sweet. They are such a cute size and come with labels too. I'm thinking these will be my jam gift jars : ) When gifting I'll take off the silver band for re use here and pop a storage top over the sealed lid for the recipient.
I buy my jars from The Redback trading Company 
So you may yet see more Plum jam here. Have a happy weekend.


  1. yep, plums coming out my ears too. I will be onto some plum sauce, maybe some jam. Loads of apples too, but the Mr. is making apple cider with those! Yours looks great- those jar tongs look like a great investment- and those jars are a little bit fancy, aren't they!

  2. it looks lovely! And the quilted jars are gorgeous.
    We have so many plums this year that even after jam ( still got some of LAST years left!) and sauces we've given up for now and put bags of them, whole, in the freezer!

  3. Gosh Tammy you are good, all of my jam gets made in the bread maker. Love those jars i will have to go and pay a visit to that site.

  4. Clicked over from Kootoyoo and was instantly drawn by not only your name..I am Tammi too :) but the fact that you used Dawson Plums...my son is named Dawson.
    My nana used to make THE best plum sauce...sadly no one has the recipe.

  5. Oh Tammy you were behind the eight ball to start with and then pushing yourself! Glad you got some extra jars, I will check out the link. Could the weather be a factor? This humidity is really getting me down and making me very lethargic.

    Never mind there is a change coming tomorrow.

  6. With every jar that is sealed you will become so much more experienced...well done for persevering!

    Oh those tongs look brilliant Tammmy, I have never seen such a thing before! love that wide funnel as well and Such Pretty Jars, they really make your jam look so pretty ~ must make you feel very proud when you look at your end results bottled like this :)


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