Experimental Pizza loaf

When I made Pizza a few nights ago I made a double batch of dough and kept half. I decided to experiment with cooking it as a loaf rather than a base. I added half a tub of pasta sauce, some bacon and cheese. I didn't mix very well but some was taken into the dough, what was left I poured on top of the free form loaf . I cooked it in a baking dish ( that my oven could accommodate ).

I started at a temp that was initially too high as the outside did get a bit charred before the inside was cooked.
All in all it was quite tasty. If I do it again I'll start a bit lower and turn the oven off sooner. Leaving it sitting in the hot oven was the best way to ensure it cooked through.


  1. Oh yes, i often leave bread in the oven to finish cooking after i've turned it off, also handy if your an impatient cook & would rather be crafting, you can't burn it!! Love Posie

  2. I call that golden not burnt Tammy, it looks delicious.How is your oven in your new house compared to that new beaut one you left in your old house?

  3. Oh Tammy thats not burnt! thats burnished and beautiful... looks tasty

  4. Oh, yummm! That looks delish, Tammy! Nice breaking in of the New House oven ;)


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