Yesterday was my Birthday

and in a way it was the least Birthday-est Birthday I have had for a long while.
Why? Well because I was distracted in the lead up, we are so busy here. We are busy because we are on a deadline. We have to have this house looking its spic and span best saleable showroom condition by this Saturday because that is when our first open house will be conducted prior to our Auction in December.
Yep we are selling our house and oh what a lot of clutter there is to sort through.

So are you wondering why the crazy tight time frame?
Remember that pretty house I showed a few posts back? They have accepted our offer on it and if it all progresses the way it should we will be moving in Jan.

So I will continue to be scarce for a week or so and then I may come back and show some more of our work and tell you a bit about our new place and my thoughts about the whole process etc. If anyone is interested of course!


  1. Happy Birthday beautiful Tammy. Glad you had a lovely one. You are certainly busy at the moment. Best of luck with the house "open" and auction. The house you've bought looks positively dreamy! Can't wait to see more. Birthday hugs, Anita. {{xxx}}

  2. Exciting and scary things happening..
    I hope it all works out and that you sell quickly and have the most perfect wee house, which is very cute by the way.. Good Luck!

  3. I'm glad you managed birthday cake and hats at least :)

  4. Happy Birthday to you for yesterday I'm glad you had a good time. Wow how exciting things are in your house, I would love to know all about it when you come back. Goodluck on Saturday. xo

  5. A house for your birthday sounds very BIRTHDAY to me!! Happy days, Tammy. x

  6. Happy Birthday for yesterday Tammy. Good luck with the move.

  7. yes we are interested of course and Happy Birthday. Gosh thats a rather big christmas present you have purchased yourselves.Congratulations, Hope everything goes to plan.

  8. Happy Birthday Tammy, the house is looking great. Good luck with it all. Looks like you bought yourself the 'best' birthday gift of all. Fingers crossed for you x

  9. Happy Birthday, congrats on your offer being accepted and best of luck with your open inspections and auction!

  10. Happy Birthday, Tammy!!

  11. Ooooh, congratulations!! And happy birthday :-) I think that having a new place to move to is a pretty good birthday present, even if things are now a little crazy!


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