Duck Egg Blue

We painted a wall in the bedroom too!

After - Dulux Duck Egg Blue

We had to as it had a big tan-ish test colour patch on it as well as the discolouration from a large framed picture I showed you earlier in the year. When I just went looking for these before pictures I was slightly horrified to see they were taken in Jan! Has it really been a whole year?? Well, as the camera doesn't lie yes it has been that long.


Our original plan was to do a Tan feature wall in a cream/white room. The walls and ceiling have always been pale blue and as we are robbed of time to go with our original plan we opted for a deeper shade of blue for the feature wall as seen in the top image.

Its Dulux Duck Egg Blue. A very Pretty blue, ever so slightly grey shade.


  1. I agree it is a really nice colour, and I think much nicer than tan would have been.

  2. love that colour T!!
    You guys are accomplishing so much this week, so proud of you!

  3. It's looking great Tammy.

  4. Very pretty Tammy. Shades of blue are lovely and soothing for the bedroom I think. Nice work. xx

  5. I love the colour of your linen with the blue wall. Beware, however, the last house we had, we painted here and there and decluttered. It looked so good in the advertising photos we were tempted to buy it back.

  6. Love that colour Tammy.

  7. I love duck egg blue, looks so soothing on your bedroom wall

  8. Hi what is the colour on the other wall please the two colours really work well together


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