Not quite what I was expecting.

 I planned out my painting and thought I did my prep well, I taped off all the panes on Friday. Planning to paint the first coat Saturday. It had all been Sanded the weekend before.
What I hadn't taken into account was mother nature.
 Friday night was cold, really cold, snowing in surrounding areas. This meant that our heating was on and the window panes got covered in condensation. I wiped it all down as best I could and checked the tape was still adhered it seemed to be OK, I let it dry out a bit more then I went ahead and painted. I did my second coat on Sunday. When it was touch dry I scored the lines with a knife blade at the points where I could see the paint and tape were 'bonding' to ensure a nice straight line and no removal of paint with Tape.

When I removed the tape this is what I found on most panes and in varying degree's

A particularly bad one

Most that are affected are like this. 
Watered down, bleeding paint. It is more prolific on the lower panes and in most cases limited to the bottom section, obviously where the moisture was most concentrated as it ran down. So I have nice white frames and paint stained glass whilst I try to decide the most bearable method of removing it all. Thankfully I had opted for a water based rust proofing paint so it will wash off with some elbow grease and scrape off quite easily if I can find/think of a suitable implement with which to do it. However will be a tedious time consuming process.

My slightly marred view.

I have yet to do the second coat on the opening part of the window and have not yet started the sills or surrounds. I have to let this first section be where I start learning from and its a valuable lesson I have learned!


  1. Oh how frustrating T!!
    Would a razor blade take the paint off the glass easily? You can get holders that razor blades go in so you can hold it safely (try a hardware store)

    It looks a little Christmasy in that corner...if you lived in the Northern hemisphere ;)

  2. Tammy, never fear! There is a tool especially for this job. It had a blade - as sharp as a stanley knife blade but flat. You just pull it gently along the window pane and the paint comes off - I just did this yesterday - we had helpexer painting the outside of our house and they are lovely and enthusiastic but not the neatest painters! The windows were cleaned of paint in minutes.

    this is what I have but there are various different ones on the market.

  3. Just call it an early Christmas decoration. :)

  4. Get some of the Queens Lemon Essence (about $1 a bottle from the supermarket - where you find the vanilla essence) and dab that on with a cotton bud then you can either scrub away the paint with an old towel or use a paint scraper.

    At first I thought it was the glue from getting a bad brand of masking tape!

  5. How disappointing!
    ... but yes I agree... leave it there for Christmas and worry about it in the new year!

  6. Oh no all that hard work, that would put me of doing the rest.I do agree with Rose, its a pity you cant frost them all, they would look gorgeous for christmas.

  7. aagghh!!!! that would be beyond frustrating!!!!!!!!!!


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