Letting Go

Do you ever hold on to something for too long?
Do you keep things because you feel obligated or because they are an accepted or established part of your life ... possessions, gifts, jobs, friendships ... 'things'? Maybe they don't really serve the purpose they used to or you have outgrown them.

I need some space. There is one thing that I have been wanting to let go of for quite a long while now, at least 3 months, possibly 6 but I held on to it through what I felt was obligation and though I didn't like the thing there is something I get from it that I saw as beneficial. 
There are other ways to get this same benefit.

Now it has come to a point where this thing is affecting me and my thought process and mood in a negative way. I held on through fear of ' the actual act of letting it go'  and now its energy is reaching out into other parts of my life in a negative way.

I have started to let go of other things, trying to create the space but there no ignoring I know what I have to do and prolonging it isn't helping. 

So I have started today to try and feel the freedom on the other side of it, the possibility that removing the thing from my days, thoughts and life will open up. The freedom looks delicious. The lost benefit seems temporary. Opening up the way, clearing the decks and seeing what lies beyond are enticing.

The act of getting rid of the thing is still not a pleasant prospect but what lies beyond it is ...
Unknown Open possibility.
Inviting something new, possibly unknown.

I know this is all a bit mysterious and strange but I feel I am not in a position to speak feely about it before I actually do it, I will clarify after I act.

Hope you all have a happy weekend.
We were treated to a magical scene this morning as the Sun hit the frozen bare winter tree at the front of our house steam started rising from its trunk, now our plum tree is covered with sparkling diamond dew drops as the sun sends its rays in another direction! Gorgeous results of not so pleasant frosty mornings.

These photos were not taken today but will give you an idea, they are from a week or two ago.
Can you see the pink shining dew drop's to the left of the tree. Click on either for a better look : )


  1. Good for you Tammy!
    Often the hardest step of all is the realisation that you have to get rid of it in the first place. I hope you get that wonderful sense of release soon. X

  2. It's so true. There's no point in holding onto things just because they were once needed or right. Things change, people change. Good luck with your decision.

  3. Hmmmm Tammy, I'm intrigued! But I completely get where you're coming from. Have been shedding a couple of unecessary complications from my life lately and trying to use the space to find what my soul needs right now. Best wishes for the changes you're making. xxx

  4. Though we're strangers in blogland I read your blog from time to time, and felt I had to comment. I'm feeling at this moment exactly as you described in your post (I'm resigning on Monday from my job), so I wish you all the best with your break for freedom (and whatever it is, or whatever happens, don't let anyone talk you out of it).

  5. I am trying to get rid of some of my things but find it difficult if they were bought for me by someone close. All the best with your quest for freedom and space.

  6. Go on Tammy let go....but next post tell us what it is as its all very intriguing.

  7. T, I feel compelled to comment here and hope i am not judged...about 3 years ago after much deliberation i 'let go' of a very very old friend. We had many happy times together and a few sad, and a LOT of 'let down' times. It bothered me endlessly and went on for way too long. Way too long!! In the end it was not the actual act of letting go which was hard, but more the decision to do so, and once done it did take a while to stop thinking about her often...seeing her in my life..etc. These days i do sometimes remember and i guess i always will as we had experienced a lot together for about 25 years, but i now dont feel any resentment or sorrow. Its just a thing of the past and a clear direction forward without any feeling of loss. :)x
    Oh...and i just noticed my word verification is 'soring' ....how very apt x

  8. Hi Tammy, just wanted to say I hear you. I hope everything's ok, and I'm thinking of you. Follow your heart, it never lies. xx

  9. hey tammy, I so get what you are saying... all the best xx

  10. I often have to let go of things when we move and would ove so dearly to hold on to something for longer:) Good luck in your quest his week. Love the photos BTW.


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