Let me tell you about my Oven.

If you have been reading my blog for a long time you will undoubtedly remember my new oven from late 2009. I was in the thick of my learning to bake bread phase when it happened, we were weeks without an oven.

So when we came here and I saw this ...

I was disappointed. My old oven was the one thing I would really miss, mind you it was not without fault and with use I ended up thinking those telescopic slides were a pain in the butt. The grills were extremely hard to clean and it was a loathed job. I still loved my oven. 
In my mind updating the oven/stove in our new home was a first order of business.
Baking is so much a part of my week.

I have cooked on Gas cook tops for so very many years, adjusting to the old electric coils took some work but I think I have mastered it. I was dismayed the first time I tried to make cookies to find my cookie sheets would not fit inside the oven cavity, so I adjusted to using the one small cookie sheet that was in the oven. Then to my delight I found a second one in the base of the grill section about 6 weeks ago.
The timer doesn't work. I discovered the microwave has a timer.
This little unit is so very easy to clean.
It seemed to cook everything effectively. 
I baked a loaf of bread in it with success.
Not two weeks ago I said to Dave lets just hang off on the oven till Sale time, I can work with this its not too awful. I'm used to it now.

Approximately 3 days after the baking of the bread the oven stopped working.
Have you noticed the absence of baked goods?

So our current ( broken ) unit is 530mm.
Most modern appliances are 600mm or 900mm. Either would obviously be accommodated ok in this space.
The tiled splash back behind the unit is 1000mm.
We are thinking staying with electric is the best option as gas lines are not connected here, and to do that would not be without other complications.
So a free standing electric unit to slide right in there is what we are looking at.

I have been without oven for at least a week now and its time to shop.
I'm currently drawn to a Euromaid oven but can't find any reviews on these. 
Do you have one you can tell me about ? 


  1. ARISTON Tammy, cool touch oven door, 2 cooking compartments........and....SELF CLEANING....REALLY self cleaning.
    My dream oven, I have got an induction cooktop and a 'sort of self cleaning oven' I will be going Ariston next time.

  2. We have gas which I love but my (separate) oven is limping along on it's last legs. We have a really limited budget so I'll be really interested to see what your findings are.

  3. I remember thinking when you purchased your new home "what about your nice new oven". Sorry i cant offer any advise as we have gas here.

  4. We have a small space for an oven too, which limits your options! Grr.

    I hope you find a skinny oven that works just for you soon. x

  5. Try this site Tammy. You can choose whichever brands you'd like to compare.



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