Multiple Hats ...

After my 'Hats ' post I balled
 up a skein of my lush yarn and started to knit a Baktus Scarf. I found it in my Ravelry faves Its slow going with a busy time here but it does feel good to be knitting again. I few mistakes but that just adds to the uniqueness of the item : )

I'm really keen to have a go at Kirsty and Laras Granny Shrug now and
I'm excited to get moving with this a little later this afternoon 

Am hoping to get my Dew Drop girl sewn up before my Birthday Girl gets home from School - her birthday is tomorrow. So I have baking and icing and various other special girl things to take care of today.

For 'Yvette' I finally cut into my Cool nicey Jane and had fun embroidering this sweet little face a few nights ago. It turned out a little feline but I'm still quite happy with it. Now i just hope to be able to get all the pieces together nicely : )

Hope you are having a happy Monday.


  1. She's pretty! The face is the hardest part!

  2. Your creations look fabbo Tammy. the Baktus scarf looks very interesting...Thanks for stopping by my blog and leaving some birthday love. Have missed keeping in touch lately....been a little distracted. Hope to be back on track in the weeks to come. Lots of love to you. xxx


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