A new method for Bread

A new Bread making method for me that is, an age old method in reality.
I am temporarily abandoning my artisan bread in 5 wet dough for kneading.

Yesterday I attempted bread using Rhonda's bread making for beginners recipe . A traditional method involving kneading. I followed her recipe quite closely, wanting to give myself the best chance of success before I observed how it works and if we like at which point I can begin my personal 'tweaking' of the recipe. My only variations were that I did not use the gluten Flour and I used sesame seeds on the top only. I didn't take into account our super efficient oven when baking so I came away with a very dark upper crust and a thin line of doughiness in the loaf ... about 2mm so not enough to affect it really.
So today when I try it again I will preheat at a temp a little lower.
I used to be scared of yeast and scared of kneading, they both seemed to be so 'specialised' in my mind. I shied away from anything that involved them as 'out of my range of ability' and 'too many things can go wrong' options.
I got over my fears of these issues making 'Super Easy pizza Dough' a recipe I found on Best Recipes somehow in my mind making my own pizza was something I could do and try ... not as big a deal as bread ...
I laugh to myself about it now as they are essentially the same thing, the process for making Pizza dough is the same as the process for kneaded bread, its just the recipe that is different. As I made Rhonda's bread yesterday I considered subbing the butter for olive oil ... but I think I'll save that option for  savoury bread's that I top with cheese and tomatoes ... or that I add herbs to.

We had this bread with dinner last night, still slightly warm. If you are used to artisan bread this loaf is light and soft in comparison, The crust is crisp but not chewy and thick as with the Artisan method breads. I encourage you all to give it a go. Rhonda has posted on her blog today regarding making bread and I see she has modified her base recipe a little from the one in the tutorial I linked to earlier here but I used the older recipe and it worked just fine so use which ever you are comfortable with. If you haven't made bread before I suggest you go to the tutorial, use that recipe and follow the steps.

A couple of you asked about the freshness of bread stored in a fabric bag, with non reply addresses. So my answers are here ...
At the end of last nights meal I put our half loaf into the fabric bag and left it on the bench overnight. This morning I had bread and jam for breakfast. The bread this morning was firmer and easier to cut - probably because it had completely cooled and when I last cut it it was still warm.
The cut surface of the bread was drier but still acceptable to eat with butter and jam. Not noticeable dryness.
For the girl/lady who makes all of her bread at the beginning of the week and store's it I'm not sure that fabric bags would keep bread fresh in that circumstance. Ours would not typically be in a bag for more than 24 hours so I can't give you an informed answer Sorry.

So what are you all waiting for ... step away from the computer and go make some bread ; )
Let us know on the forum or through the blog comments how you go.
Happy Wednesday.


  1. That bread looks really yummy - light and soft. Well done Tammy. I've yet to venture past the pizza dough and I might give this recipe a go. Thanks for the link!

  2. Let me be totally honest here - me don't like kneading - that is why I have a love relationship with my bread maker (grin).

  3. I am so looking forward to having an oven - baking!! Looks yummy.

  4. Gosh I haven't made any bread in ages, I will have to give it a go.

  5. Oh yummy. I LOVE homemade bread. Especially the smell as it's baking. I just wish I could make a good loaf of homemade bread. I'm gonna have to try again someday.
    Thanks so much for visiting my blog and taking the time to comment.
    I hope you have a great day!! Beth. :)

  6. Look great Tammy. I have just switched from Rhonda's tutorial to the artisan bread in 5. Haha. I love Rhonda's bread though, I just switched because i got the book for Christmas and as I have been a little strapped for time the idea of not having to knead is appealing on a regular basis. I'll still make a loaf or two of Rhonda's during the week though. Looks delicious- it's really good with pumpkin and sunflower seeds too. xo m.


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