Kitchen Adventures.

Lately I have been quite tired, a bit iron deficient too I suspect.
This morning as I started mixing up my first double batch of boule dough from 'artisan bread in 5 minutes a day', I was thinking up some tips for beginner bread makers to post on my blog.
It all went down hill from there. LOL

Mr3 is home and asked me for a cuddle while he was watching ABC. Of course I obliged and shortly after I sat down I fell asleep! I woke up to this ... the lid sitting above the rim of the container resting on the rising dough.

So my first advice is that if you want to make a double batch, make sure your container is big enough to hold it or you will have to deal with this.

I scooped a portion out and put it into a tin. Its pretty messy working with this type of dough when it hasn't been refrigerated. I wouldn't recommend it.

I had told Mr 3 we could try gingerbread today. So got everything ready and started on that.
Well when the recipe tells you to roll it out between two pieces of baking paper , there is a reason for that ... it is made with some pretty sticky substances after all so don't assume that a floured bench will work ...

In assuming I could cut corners I ended up with a Huge mess! The gingerbread just kept on coming, The recipe made so much there were repeated rolling's and much cutting and I got so engrossed in the supervision and mess that I totally forgot about the dough on its second rise in the tin till it was up over the top too!

I totally lost my rhythm with the gingerbread going in and out of the oven and distracted again by the bread there were casualties.

See the one in the middle shows how delicious and brown they looked on top but the bottoms were black.

We still got a good haul out of them and it is a great crisp gingerbread. I used this recipe recommended by Jodie. We will have fun decorating them. I plan on having another go ... lol ... now more experienced I'm sure I could do it with less mess. I'm thinking these will make good teachers and carers gifts ...
Oh and the bread is delicious! A little doughy as I cut it warm but the softest loaf I have ever baked, I think maybe because the oven was already so warm from all the gingerbread baking, It was holding a lot of heat so I tuned it off near to the end and left the bread in about 10 minutes more.


  1. thought i would pop in while at work...shhh!! The great and famous have learned and taught many from their shortcuts...looks yummy :)

  2. glad the bread turned out so yummy!

  3. You poor thing, you sure did luck out in the kitchen today... I'm glad that the gingerbread worked out in the end even if it wasn't all smooth sailing through the making process... The girls and I had such a great time the other day making ours, hopefully your next attempt will be more pleasant...

    Jodie xx

  4. slowinsydney8/12/09 8:23 pm

    Out of interest how long does your dough last in the fridge? I've recently bought the book and tried it a few times but after about 4 days at the most the dough has a really yeasty smell and tastes incredibly bitter when baked though the book says you should be able to bake from the same batch of dough for up to 2 weeks - any guesses what I am doing wrong? The first couple of days makes a lovely bread, but there after its all downhill....

  5. Oh yum, i am going to go and get that gingerbread recipe.mmm i am thinking about them now.
    It just goes to show you how forgiving that dough really is and how easy. It looks delicious. Is that a special size bread pan and do you still shape the dough before putting it in the tin or just shove it in? Questions, questions, questions.

  6. Your bread looks delicious. I always have casualties when I make gingerbread.


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