Some More Wedding day Photos ...

Last night when I got home I was just thinking about how infrequently us girls all get together for happy occasions and I saw such beauty in some of my sisters that has grown in them since when we last met. I was just a bit emotional and wanted to put those pics up for myself to remind me of who these women and girls are now, at this time in their lives. I placed them on my blog in order of birth the first photo being the youngest through to the oldest ... Me!

This is another picture heavy post featuring my Nearest and Dearest.

It was HOT so we grabbed breaks in the shade while waiting for the ceremony and between official photo duties.

Enjoying a chocolate At the reception.

Having some fun with Uncle TimJ.

Dave and I both have brothers named Tim so my Brother is Uncle TimJ and Dave's is Uncle Tim. I did not get any photos of my other Brothers yesterday.


Mama and I.

The Bridal Party. I really prefer these candid shots to the posed groups. I understand those organised shots have a place and purpose but I like the 'moments' and emotion candid captures.

Clearly I have not mastered the indoor photography settings on my Camera so these are the best I had in the cases of washed out by flash images. There are numerous others who are a part of this Family. Tim's Girlfriend, Sara's Boyfriend the partners of all the girls in the Bridal Party. Mums Husband of over 20 years, Three more Brothers of mine not photographed, the partners of two of them, Children of one of them, Amy's Children, Brenna's Children, Tim's Daughter ... more and more ...
Not all of these people were at the wedding but these brothers, Sisters, their partners and one's they love, These Nieces and Nephews, Parents, Cousins ... they all weave the rich Tapestry that is my family, usually full of drama and often surprises but if you can focus on the love that ties us together sometime's those nasty dramas fade enough to let us relax and enjoy.

We had to leave early as Miss 5 was feeling ill I think a combination of Summer flu and Being out in that crazy heat during the day. We missed the speeches and much to Mr3's Dismay The really Big delicious looking Cake, though I was sad to miss the formalities all in all it was a good day.


  1. Happy Birthday T...big hugs lots of wishes sent your way....xx

    Looks like a gorgeous day to be married. I hope Rachel is feeling better soon..:)

  2. Wow - you have a big family! How many brothers and sisters do you have?

  3. I love the candid photos too, they say so much more don't they.
    Love the kids clothes and your new dress looks great too.

    Have a happy day today, lots of love and cuddles from your gorgeous kids.

  4. gee whiz your a little like your mum!!! Great snaps of the fam!!

  5. I hope you've had/are having a happy birthday. Lovely piccies!

  6. Great pictures.

  7. Great pictures Tammy! The kids look great in their outfits.
    So how many people in your family?? 7 girls and how many boys?? Your mum must have been very busy! It's crazy busy with 4! xox

  8. Beautiful pics & the wedding looks like it was wonderful! Hope your having a fun birthday

  9. work today and thinking of you and THOSE alike your mas' and so beautiful ....xx

  10. I agree with Debra such beautiful eyes, i see them in your mum,you and your children. Beautiful photos thanks for sharing.
    Linda xx

  11. You look like your Mum. Love that your kids got to wear the outfits that you made them! Glad you had such a lovely time. xo Meagan.

  12. gorgeous pics!!!!
    gotta love a wedding!!!


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