Is there a Science Experiment in Our fridge?

That's what Dave casually asked with a grin when he saw this...

'No I'm making Cheese' I replied.
His casual not surprised response ... 'Oh.'
I bet he was still quietly thinking I was doing some crazy ass science experiment, but he didn't reveal it.

I have been wanting to try and make labneh ever since I read about Julie doing it, a long time ago. I believe it also referred to as Quark.

So I started out with yoghurt from the shop - I don't make my own ... I may someday but for now we buy.
I only have a small strainer so set it up with a double layer of cotton muslin lining it, spooned the yoghurt in, folded the fabric back over it and weighed it down with a squat glass of water ... which is how Dave would have seen it with the water glass on top.
I let it strain the whey off for the required 24 hours and turned it out into a bowl, this is what I had.

I took a taste ... wince ... sharp and tangy. Not sure what I was expecting. It wasn't awful it was just ... still quite yoghurt-ish in the way it tasted. Though .. it reminded me of something yummy I used to devour in quantities, back before my Mummy days, something from the shops I ate with Turkish bread.

I delved into the crisper and got chopping, pulled out the blender and whipped up some ...

Capsicum dip!
Not quite the same as the shop bough one I used to crave, but in hindsight it was probably full of food colourings and preservatives.
Mine may have been missing an ingredient, or the capsicum may not have been ripe enough, still showing a hint of green.
24 hours after adding the capsicum it tastes better as the flavours infuse. By the way I did still spend that infusing time dipping carrot and celery into it and enjoying it.

I'm not a fan of cucumber in salad but this cheese is made for cucumber dip!

I'll definitely try this again and be sure to have some on hand when I know there is a party coming up. I'll still keep experimenting with my ingredients and quantities. I urge you to give this simple cheese a try and see the range of what you can do with it.

Hope all my Aussie friends are managing to stay cool, in this crazy heat.


  1. My Dad is Lebanese and we make a cheese just like that called Labne by straining yoghurt in a muslin or calico bag over the sink overnight. We sprinkle it with dried mint and drizzle it with olive oil and eat it with Lebanese (pita) bread for breakfast. I love it, but I have been eating it for as long as I remember!

  2. i love Labne and i'm very impressed at you making your own. try marinating it in olive oil, preserved lenon, some peppercorns and a bit of rosemary and thyme. it is divine in a rocket salad with cherry toms and black olives

  3. Yum!
    I make my own paneer every now and then but I haven't made labne - will be giving it a go soon though - looks delicious.

    Perhaps next time you could char-grill the capsicum first so that it is sweeter :)

  4. Looks yum Tammy! I made that recently following the down to earth post and marinated it in olive oil, peppercorns and rosemary sprigs. It was delicious with some biscuits before dinner.

    xo m.

  5. oh tammy, i still get amazed when i read some of the things u do. i am so very impressed. i love the sound of what Midge said with the olive oil and things. ive just peeked at your other posts (ive not been around lately - anywhere) and spy some craft action as well...looks gorgeous


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