I made a card this week.

The first I have made in a long time. It felt good too.
Funny pulling out paper and forgetting things I have and wondering how many ranges Basic Grey have released between Ambrosia, my last big must have BG buy, and now and what happened to this sweet Urban Prairie Range disappeared already from the landscape of Scrapping! Cause its so pretty I guess!... LOL.

I set up a flickr group today at the urging of a new blog buddy Abby. It a group to share photos of birds we take around our home so give me a yell if you are interested to join and I'll invite you. Its going to be fun seeing the birds from all the different parts of Australia, that each of us take for granted as normal.


  1. Beautiful card and BG are my favourite co., I was probably one of the many that purchased Urban Praire leaving none for others.

  2. HI Tammy, that card is beautiful and I agree the Urban Prairie was a very yummy range.I like how you threaded the paper through the hole you cut out.Lovely

  3. Lovely card Tammy. The bird pictures sound like a great idea. Might pop by and have a look with miss 8, she loves bird watching. Do you know we don't have magpies or seagulls here?

  4. Tammy! It's been forever!
    I am so happy you commented!!! I had been loooking for you and lost your link :( Let me know how things are! Oh yeah, i can read your blog! LOL Great card!

  5. ohhhh wow... I cant wait to get started on my birdwatching this weekend. thanx for the inspiration.

  6. My sister (Abby) just emailed me and told me all about your new bird watching group... Sounds awesome, I'll be joining for sure!!!!

    Take Care
    Jodie :)

  7. hey hey, wow your blog has really evolved alot lately. it is looking amazing. i cannot believe the amount of ways you have really branched out into lately. you are such an inspiration. see you soon, sammie (your grae girl)

  8. ooh! can I join too, I took some photos of Pelicans today while we were out on the boat...saw lots of eagles out catching their lunch too but couldn't get a good shot of any of them.

    Love your card, very pretty :)

  9. Really gorgeous card Tammy!!! :)


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