Whos a lucky girl?

Me thats who!!!
I have this beautiful new blog banner thanks to my friend Sam,and today I got this ...

Will be testing it soon!


  1. ohhh u are a lucky girl!! i cant wait to see what ur going to creat with ur new toy.
    the blog header looks gorgeous tammy, very apt from what ive been reading in ur posts

  2. oooohh....I had been admiring your banner - well done Sam :)
    You're going to love your machine Tammy - and you'll wonder how you coped so long without it!

  3. Love love love your new banner!!!

  4. The banner is beautiful.

    Definitely very lucky, you are going to have so much fun, there will be no stopping you.

  5. Hey Tammy I too love your banner. it really suits you and your blog. Loved catching up on your latest info, it's been a while.
    Mel x

  6. Awesome banner! And I can't wait to see what creations you come up with on your new toy! Have fun!

  7. Hey Tammy...enjoy your new toy...no stopping you now...i am a bit the same with distracting noise too...drives me nuts :) You asked about the felting. I have done a few workshops specifically for slippers, but will branch out now that most mtn. people have them now. We may do nuno next or bags..not quite sure. I am teaching once a f/night.
    Your little man looks inquisitive...he may be sitting alongside you with his own piece of fabric and needle soon. Beware dont leave anything precious and take a phone call. Mine little angel cut up an entire pattern once...already cut out. Enjoy Tammy...love to youx

  8. OOOh major excitement for you T...I cannot wait to see what you make using your new Janome.
    Lovin the new clean look of your blog too.The banner is so you...very nice Sam

  9. Hey Tam, Thanks for the link to your site, its absolutely wonderful. I always love to see your beautiful creations. I just know your going to make us all want a sewing machine because of the things you make on there!!!! Love u Big sis, keep up the gorgeous creative work.

  10. Oh my, what wonderful photos. Enjoy it.


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