A special treat - More balloons!

This time from our front yard this morning!

I took a few random shots with street lights and power lines in them, though they don't add to the serenity of the scene they do give you a realistic idea of what we could see with balloons flying over roof tops in nearby suburbs and seemingly following a main road. We stood outside for at least 1o minutes to a skyline filled with balloons at various stages of the journey.

What a nice surprise and how thoughtful of the operators to bring their beauty over to us in our homes.

My fave pic this morning is the tall poppies balloon all lit op and the autumn branch in the foreground.

This time of the year really makes me feel lucky to live in Canberra.


  1. What a beautiful way to start the day Tammy. They look so beautiful :)

  2. Oh T, waking up to that would make my heart happy all day!!!

  3. how gorgeous...sometimes the hang gliders come this way...its a real treat thats for sure..x

  4. How wonderful to have the chance to see that, and get such great photos too. :)

  5. What a gorgeous sight :)

  6. oh i can see a layout in all the colors of those balloons - what a great sight - the little peoole must have been overjoyed watching them all.


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