Ever changing blog template ...

... and banner.
I'll settle on something someday ;) lol

This is the LO that was on my desk yesterday, finished today.

I took some amazing photos of dew loaded spiderwebs that morning they were everywhere in the tree.

Ive been doing some blog hopping this morning - procrastinating from the housework waiting .... I'll be updating my links soon, swinging back to inspiring Scrappers again. I've removed some of the stamping and card links that I don't really look at too often lately.


  1. Tammy that Lo is stunning. Love the flourish thingy (LOL) you have used in the corner, what is it and where do I find it? Gorgeous!!
    Mel.lee x

  2. LOL Mel! You need to ask??
    I'd check out RWPC *wink*

    T, I LOVE this LO, gorgeous colours...perfect!!

  3. Gorgeous layout Tammy. Love it! :)

  4. Oh I do like this! Very nice :)

  5. that is a beautiful layout and photo ... I haven't yet tried to photograph a spider web, but they are beautiful to look at, as long as I don't think about what made them. ewww.

  6. Love the everchanging template Tammy, as it makes us keep looking to see what it will look like next.I really love your latest LO, and it looks like you are well and truly back .....just love the design Gorgeous girl.

  7. Stunning photo Tammy. I just love what you do with those RWPC chippies :)


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