Canberra Balloon Spectacular 2016

A defining moment in my journey as a photographer.

So this morning I realised that when it comes to an event I need to choose if I am going as a Mum/person or as a photographer. Today I went as both and was not happy with my photographic skills and outcomes or my Parenting skills.
Most revealing of all was the realisation that while I can photograph other things occasions or events I am without doubt a Nature photographer and now feel so much more confidant to label myself that way.

I have had discussions with my friend and photography mentor about when can you call yourself a photographer and what makes you a photographer? Just because you have a nice camera and take pretty pictures does not make you a photographer.
I've decided that documenting your passion while learning and increasing your skill and ability to faithfully do so is a part of what makes a photographer, the key part being the passion. Its the photos of the birds, my Children, the flowers and all other wonderful parts of Nature and her Circles that make my heart flutter, these are the things I feel most excited and proud to share. The things I am passionate about.

I hope I've been able to share the joy and wonder of the event through the colour and smiling faces. How about that guy in a chair with no basket??! Crazy Amazing!
I really photographed it differently again this year to last year, this year its much more the parts, rather than the whole.


  1. I love your nature photos, but I think you do yourself a disservice about other subjects.

    These photos made me feel as though I had been there. Your framing is brilliant and personalizes the whole experience. Really fine. Just saying. :)

    1. Thank you Sweet friend, your kind voice ( as I read It ) often makes me pause to think, and always gives rise to my gratitude for you commenting here. I spent a day with my mentor/teacher/friend a couple of days ago and it really has me thinking about the labels I use to describe myself. I guess it all falls back to us being our own harshest critics. :) xx

  2. I believe that the labels are given to us by other people, situations and occasions when we were criticized or simply not heard, by our words or actions, all the things that we do to reach out, flower, from our own creative hearts.

    Sometimes it happens because someone wants to quash us, but mostly from those who do not take the time to understand us. The truth is that creativity and personal expression are not honored and supported the way they should be.

    I cannot remember his name, but there is/was an American artist who was shamed as a child because he did not follow the norms during an art project. He was told that the mountains he painted were wrong, that mountains are not purple and orange. He grew up to make his way to our Western states, where...surprise, surprise...he witnessed mountains, that were not only purple and orange, but every color you can imagine as well as some you have not yet imagined.

    You know, when that inner critic part of us rises, we can send it out to play. Not in traffic or anything, but to amuse her and keep her out of our way. That critical part of ourselves is not all that helpful, but it is a part of who we are, and I think that everything we have experienced is essential to who we are today. Now, it is up to us how we use all of that to have the life we are meant to be living.

    I am in a different Google account, this is Juds.

  3. Tammy, these photos are amazing just as your nature ones always are. I love seeing your photos pop in my IG feed. I would love to be able to take photos as good as yours.


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