Crochet Amish Puzzle Ball

Its been such a long while since I have shared any of my lovely Yarny creations! I'm so often working on my hexagon blanket or Dolly cardigans, for the Blythe Girls that I'm quite sure it would bore you to see the same things often and so I choose not to share them here. However I do still get that itch for a new project and I whipped this flower Puzzle ball up for my nieces first Birthday Gift, she loved it!

I don't expect at the tender age of one she will be competent at assembling it or get too much joy from the puzzle aspect, though it will be good for Mum and Dad! The thing I like most about it, from a creative perspective,  is that flexibility in the pattern to tailor the colour theme and the best thing about the ball as a toy for this age is all the little spaces between the pieces, mean she can pretty much grab it in any which way she chooses, without difficulty.

You can find this in my Ravelry Projects if you'd like more details.
 I would definitely make this pattern again.


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