Red Wattle Bird Nest.

I was lucky to notice this treasure in my garden. I never got too close and tried to take a photo every day from when I first saw them. In the beginning one chick hadn't opened its eyes. They grow so quickly!

Such a privilege to watch.
There is more from Day 8 yet to come.


  1. Life, everything is such a miracle and it is so easy to sort of forget that. Life is busy and the important things around us often are left to the side. I come here to be reminded of how essential these small-seeming things are not as often appreciated as they probably should be.

    I have been walking a half mile to the village center a few days each week and whilst my attention is focused on walking through the pain, I know that soon I will be seeing the heart that is all around me on those walks.

    1. It is easy to forget the magic and wonder that nature holds, to take it for granted even. I'm happy to hear you visit to share my joy in these things and hope that soon your walks reward you. x


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