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On Sunday I headed off early to the Australian National  Botanic Gardens ( anbg) and spent a couple of hours wandering around with my Camera. I'm trying to spend at least 1/2 hour a day out in my own garden with the camera but its always interesting to get out of my comfort zone and have different subject matter. I like going without the kids as I can get off the main path and go at my own pace.

These are some of my favourite pics I took that morning. I'm really happy with those first two flowers and the water dragon above. I found a sensational mossy path with water running across it and stepping stones in place. Its was so tranquil and lovely. I did spend quite a lot of time photographing water looking for something to enter in my 'Click Love Grow' Grads group, challenge for last week. Though my heart wasn't really in it with so many pretty flowers, birds and lizards. I even met a few Kangaroos one with a Joey in her pouch and a territorial magpie who gave a loud beak clap in my right ear as his fast flying wings whooshed by in warning.

There were a few beautiful Rosella encounters none of which I captured with a real degree of skill when it came to my camera but which did bring me joy in witnessing the acts. Two bathing in a deeply shaded running stream another two feeding on a native flowering low to ground shrub which one of them literally fell out of! It was so funny to see a Crimson Rosella on its back on a path after it tried to reach a flower using a branch that couldn't support its weight. Then there was the young one pictured below who landed practically 1m in front of me at the side of a footbridge I was crossing. He was sweet and entertaining.

This dragon got busted having a mid morning snack and just froze there as if to say ... Nope no grasshoppers came this way. Its a bit hard to see but a leg of whatever it was he ate is poking out of its mouth. It was some type of large insect as far as I could tell, I have seen a water dragon and the gardens eating a baby bird, with both its legs and part of its body protruding which was not very nice, but just nature I guess.

I am loving my 70-200mm lens and might never take it off my camera! Though in all honesty I'm really starting to think about a 50mm and a 135mm, though I haven't done any research and can't say why its these two on my radar. Thanks so much to all my regular readers who are leaving such beautiful compliments and feedback on my photos. Your encouragement is so valued. x


  1. Pictures as wonderful as ever, and it is nice to hear that you are taking time for yourself. Time with your camera and all the lovely creatures is divine.

    Please keep sharing your work. So nice.


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