A leisurely Walk and Talk with Steve Parish

On Thursday I spent a couple of hours with a group led by Steve Parish, the session was called a leisurely walk and talk, though they actually walked at quite a cracking pace, maybe because it was raining?  I didn't monopolise Steve's time or garner his opinion. I hung back a bit seeing things I usually do with one ear on the conversation and tips that were being offered. it was followed by a morning Tea.

The conversation roamed from mental health and history to writing, cameras and lenses. It wasn't a lesson per se, more of a take what you want from it offering. Steve's opinion on what makes a good image and some know how was offered throughout; he took us to a couple of spots he liked in the gardens and told us why and what he saw there. When I got home I loaded and edited my few images and this is what I wrote  'Colour, texture, scenes, background and how I fill a frame. Creative process with no destination in mind.' 
These are the words that I held in mind taken from that one ear on Conversation I mentioned. Backgrounds and colour are evident in the images I took on the day and while I wasn't consciously aware of it I was obviously drawn to yellow, perhaps because reds and pinks are so very prevalent in the native flora right now.

I have been mulling it all over and I think the biggest take away I had from the morning is that photography is a form of creative expression and as such involves a creative process. I resolve to not always put my tree trunks on the same 1/3 line and to do some much closer crops, also to use parts of a whole as an acceptable image. Technical take away thoughts were to learn how to read and use the histogram on my camera, play with my f stops more and attempt photographing 'scenes' as opposed to things. Steve is a down to earth, reasonable, easy to get along with person and it was a lovely session.


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