Going my Way?

Spring has me out in the garden working with Gusto. Our once beautiful garden has been left seriously untended by us over the last 4 years and is over run with grass and weeds in the beds. This has bothered me slightly but really ... in the grand scheme of things, flowers still bloom and grow and I see beauty in those fighters that bloom dutifully despite the hardships they fight and they make it easy to overlook the ugly and unintended.

I recently went browsing my garden blog trying to identify something but sadly in all my pretty pictures I never detailed location of lovelies for my own reference, it was all just a record of my wonder and awe. Then I saw this picture ... Oh! My! Gosh! I thought "Is that really in my garden?" 
The bearded Iris have not bloomed so well these last few years with only a flower here and there and nothing of the stunning show we had that first year, After seeing this picture I set off reading about why my iris were not blooming and went on a mission to free the iris corms from their grassy prisons, during this process I found this marker by two little corms.

Barely legible - certainly in this image it would appear to be blank. But I could make out a couple of letters, a 'G' at the beginning of the first word, perhaps 'my' or 'ny' at the end of that line and a second line that started with 'Wa' I keep looking at it day after day - in day light,  interior light; with glasses on, glasses off. Tilting it this way and that, trying to spot something new, I also tried enhanced photo techniques, but still no clues as to what this might say.

Yesterday had new LED lighting installed by ACTEW energy efficiency team who replaced our halogen down lights for free! I saw the marker on the desk and though it was worth checking it, under the new light. I started to write down possibilities for the fragments of new letters that were revealed, it was a word puzzle. This letter could be an 'A' or an 'O' ... etc

 Then in the evening as I looked at my scribble I saw a possibility for a three word title. I wrote it down and typed into Google search preceded by the word Iris.
Would you look at that! the very iris that sent me off on my whole course of investigation was the one that revealed its self to me! I still have lots of iris to free but am happy with how many I have already released to potentially flower this year.


  1. Ooops, got confused and replied to your hibernation post. Ah, to get old...


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