Just popping in to share some of the photos I have taken over the last month, to let you know I'm still around. I'm having a bit of trouble at the moment keeping all my 'balls in the air' as they say, so blogging has been relegated to the back burner. I've mainly been re-photographing my Etsy inventory these last couple of weeks, not out in the garden as much.

 I'm trying to update the expense tracking spreadsheet we have set up. I let it fall into the pit of neglect way back at the end of Jan though I have kept all of the receipts; well, it might be more accurate to say most of them. So I'm going back through everything and reconciling it all. Slowly.

On the home front, it's the folding I'm neglecting. I am fairly up to date with the washing but haven't been folding, in effect making things more difficult for myself in having to deal with the 'I don't have any undies/socks!' and 'can you find me some pants!' types of daily dramas.

I'm crocheting baby hats for my little niece and having some fun playing with different patterns and techniques. I'm not crocheting as much as usual and think it's just symptomatic of the mental clutter I've created through my own procrastination/s. So many 'shoulds' weighing on my mind rendering me overwhelmed, not knowing where to start and so, not doing anything.

Now that I've got a few little goals happening, as noted in this post, actioning these will eliminate a lot of the negative self-talk I have happening and help to create more positive internal dialogue.
It's a merry go round! :)

I hope you are happy and healthy, be kind to yourselves sweet readers.


  1. Gorgeous photos T :)
    Be kind to yourself, you will get there. J.xx

  2. Wonderful photos! Time in the garden helps you unwind too so it's not wasted.

  3. Beautiful flower photos. Take it slow, things will get better!

  4. Tammy, you take such beautiful flowers. Are you using a DSLR and if so, what setting do you have it on for the photos of flowers? My brother just gave me his and I have done a bit of experimenting and enrolled in a couple of Udemy courses but haven't taken any as exquisite as yours. Well done!

  5. Hi Tammy. I hope you're feeling ok through this cold, icy weather we've been having. I've had a serious case of the winter blues (S.A.D.) again this year. Not unusual for me - I know it will pass, but the winter seems to last a long time some years. Trying to be kind to myself and reconnect with doing things that make my soul feel good. Checking in with kindred spirits like yourself is one of those things. I hope you and your family are well and content. Take care my friend. Anita. xo


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