Mating Hawk Moths

In the golden afternoon light, something dropped from the willow blowing in the wind and hit my Daughter on the head. "Mum" she called "Something just fell on my head, it's a bird's wing, or maybe a baby bird, it has feathers."

It took me a while to work out it was two large moths Mating. They eventually parted company and I bought this stick near to them, they both instantly climbed on, at a distance from each other and I propped them up in the olive tree as their best camouflage option.

I love the distinct black and white band on the bottom edge of its wings! I think this is the male and the slightly warmer toned one on the underside of the stick is the female, though I am just basing this on what I know about the colouring of birds, I have no technical knowledge of anything to do with Moths.

 I hope you have enjoyed my picture heavy post of these two prettily patterned insects, I had a lot of fun photographing them, I haven't been a very good photography student in my course these last few weeks and it's almost over.


  1. Nice photos, Tammy. I booked into a course ages ago but am still waiting for my brother to give me his camera. I hope there is no cut off date for the course to be started by.

    1. I hope you get that Camera soon and that there is no cut-off date :)

    2. I hope you get that Camera soon and that there is no cut-off date :)


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