Crochet Baby Cardigan

I made this one for my Neice Scarlet. 

 I'd gotten quite a few rows through this when I realised there was an error in one of the earlier rows, this was confirmed by other ravelers. As per my usual way of working, I left it and continued on rather than unravelling. Now when I look at the pictures I see the messy flow in the yoke and it bothers me slightly but I'm sure people will be gazing into her striking blue eyes, not at my misaligned ripples.

The free pattern is called Emmys baby Cardigan, I used Bendigo Woollen Mills 8 ply Cotton in Snow and Hollyhock. I found a cute Vintage button in my stash to finish this off, I anchored it with a smaller button on the back for added security. Details of my changes and general notes on Ravelry


  1. Well Tammy, I am no crochet expert and can't even see any mistakes :-) It is just lovely. Well done.

    1. Thank you! It is a pretty little swingy shape that will look nice worn over long sleeves on our cooler days.

  2. Lovely little jacket and such pretty colours. I tend to shy away from making things in cotton - do you find it washes ok? The only things I've done in cotton are wash/dishcloths and coasters.

  3. Just realised what I wrote !!! I have found that some of my dishcloths go funny after a few times in the washing machine. Perhaps its the cotton I've used which is Sugar n Cream from the US.

    1. Dorothy I most often work with Bendigo Woollen mills Cotton. It is much softer and has a looser twist than a lot of the cottons I have worked with from overseas. All of my homemade dishcloths are made using BWM cotton and they do get a bit stiff and crinkly with age but once they are in the sink they feel lovely and work well!


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