Canberra Balloon Spectacular 2015

We were up Early this morning and off before the sun was visible above the horizon, headed for this year's Balloon Spectacular

If you have followed my Balloon photos over the years you will notice a few differences this time around. I have put what I've learned about perspective into play with my angles and cropping, I've also chosen to keep lots of the crowd in the images, while they are visual clutter, they do add value as a reference point for size of the balloons and popularity of the event.
The other main key difference is that you will not see Balloons in flight here!

No Balloons in flight was not a conscious choice on my part. The wind conditions were not suitable for flight today so a handful of operators inflated and tethered their Balloons on the lawns of old parliament house. Scouts, RAAF and Capital Chemist loyal regular every year participants and the notable favourite fancy participants this year were Yoda, Dodo ( internet ) and an angry bird.
Yoda had an Entourage of Stormtroopers and Emporer Palpatine in tow, We saw lots of people posing for photos with the costumed team. Dodo towered, above the others and was quite an imposing figure.

 We headed home at about 7.30 am the sun was up then. We are at the mid-point of what seems to be a perfect long weekend here. I hope you enjoyed my photos and have a great weekend wherever you are. x


  1. You're keen Tammy ... getting up that early. Its a shame the wind conditions weren't ok for the balloons. They often come over our place - the clue being the strange noise they make. Must listen out for them as I'm not up to going in to see all the live action. Maybe next year. xox

  2. I tried to comment the other day but was on the laptop and something went wrong...great photos, I love the perspective you have achieved photographing them still tethered. And oh my gosh your gorgeous kids are growing up so quickly, I haven't seen a photo of them for a while and they are looking so much more grown up!! xx


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