If Autumn were a place I would without a doubt be a native, it's the season that makes my soul contently sing and my heart happy.

It's when the garden calls me. The days are warm and golden, at the moment the mornings are getting very crisp. I can smell smoke from people's wood fires beginning to tinge the air early when I let the dog out. We haven't lit ours yet, but there's been at least one morning where it would have been lovely.

These beautiful days draw me outdoors and have me trying to accurately capture, using my evolving photography skills, the simple beauty that lives in my garden. The fallen feathers delight me, the wildlife intrigues me, the colours fill me with wonder and the limited flowers are like rare jewels.

Those grey days are perfect for sitting snuggled with crochet projects in hand, I pulled out my hexagon blanket again and am feeling inspired to finish it. I've set my Sophie's Universe CAL aside for the minute while I work on hexagons, I've started Part 5 of Sophie, and will come back to it in moments I feel the need for challenge and have time to concentrate. Maybe she's a winter project?


  1. Between that sweet bee with the breathtaking wings, and your darling dog I am nearly beside myself with happiness. I often think, when reading here, how easily you connect with everyone and everything around you.

  2. Such beautiful photos, Tammy. Fascinating!

  3. Lovely photographs and so clear! I'm an Autumn girl - it's my favourite season :).

  4. I've just popped over from the DTE forum to say hello. Autumn is my favourite season too.


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