Secret Ingredient Brownies.

I have mentioned here before my habit of 'sneaking' more beneficial ingredients into meals and recipes, like the Red kidney beans in the Pasta sauce. I do like to play with ingredients and see what I can get away with. My kids loved these Brownies so much and are constantly asking me to make them again, I have not yet disclosed what the secret ingredient is. They know there is a secret ingredient, but I think I'll make this recipe for them at least one more time, before I disclose what that ingredient is. I personally have no issue with Prunes, but my kids will not like being told they have been eating those yucky wrinkled things. 

Mine are a bit on the thin side, so next time I'll use a smaller pan, or double the mixture! You can find the recipe for these awesome Prune brownies at "A taste of madness."



  1. haha! I hope that secret ingredient was beneficial to everyone :)

    1. Oh J! Ya it was but my family are seriously so fibre-ed up since we started with the dietician. No white bread in our house anymore we even eat bread with grains in it! Crackers, with sesame, flax, wheat ... etc ... Sometimes instead of biscuits! lol

  2. That is a good idea to hide the 'special' ingredient till they get used to the recipe, Tammy.


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