Koalas at Tidbinbilla Nature Reserve

On Friday I took the Kids to Tidbinbilla. First port of call, as always, was the eucalypt Forrest to see if we could spot any Koalas. 

 a Sleeping Koala one log between his legs and his paws holding it as he reclines supported by a second branch along his spine

Temperature was up in the mid 30's that day and when we arrived all 4 in the enclosed area were visible, this one in particular adopting what I thought was an unusual posture but it made sense on this hot day. We headed out on the easy trail and did see one of the 12 out in the Forrest environment created for them. It was reclining in a similar fashion with a wider branch under its Butt, leaning against the tree trunk. It blended in so well and was up too high for me to get a respectable picture of. Its always a thrill to spot one out in the Forrest. Though its a fenced area they are free to roam where they want within it and you may not even see one when you are on the path as it extends beyond the area covered by the trail. There are also Wombats, Echidnas and wallabies roaming around in there and plenty of birds.

 a tiny spray of pink wild flowers and bright green native grass

After that we decided to try the cascade trail, we hadn't walked that one before, described as A great walk to escape from the heat or explore on a cool wet day, this picturesque walk climbs and winds through the wet forest and meets a cascading mountain stream" We thought this would be perfect when we were in hot midday sun.

Whilst it was a lovely walk and certainly much cooler than what we were when visiting the Koalas it was on the tough side for me, 1.8km and described as moderate. Oh the hills! I may have handled it with a little more ease had it not been so very hot already but on this day I had to take a lot of pauses in heavily shaded areas. This really made me consider my current fitness level. That said we still got up and around it in just under an hour and hearing the trickling, gurgling stream was lovely.

 looking back up a flight of natural stone stairs all covered with moss and rain forest type leaf litter

That was our first Summer trip to Tidbinbilla! We have been in Autumn and Spring and I do hope to make it out there at least one more time these holidays.


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