This is for me.

 This year I decided on some goals. Some goals that are just all about and for me. Not my home, not my family ... me. Usually, I would consider that to be selfish but in seeking simplicity some of these things occurred to me as smart, beneficial, money saving, enjoyment creating options.
One of these was to learn how to use my Camera in manual and get to know its capabilities better.

Now instead of pointing and shooting I'm learning that I can tell my camera not to wash out the early morning sky, that by changing my depth of field I can add the clarity of the weeping willow across the roofline, show the true colour of the foreground tree and capture the gorgeous blue of the sky, as well.

I'm doing an online course by 'Click, love, grow ' and so far we have had lessons on composition and various types of light. These interactions however have encouraged me to already start turning dials and changing settings. Making this number higher and that lower until I can capture the detail I want, in the light I am given outside.

I'm enjoying it immensely and so excited about the coming lessons and possibilities this experience could open up for me. As someone who is anxious I do not tend to press buttons if I don't know what they will do ... ( what if I break it?!!) The experimentation process is so enjoyable with that safety net of a group, having experienced people and other learners there to answer questions if any pop up. I've noticed I'm not sharing as much on Instagram lately as I am out there taking photos and playing with my real camera most days, feeling very empowered by what I am learning to do.


  1. I love the photo of the dog, Tammy. I have signed up for an online course but am still waiting for my brother to give me his camera. I hope there is no expiry date for the course.

    1. Yes, the pic of Bella is so sweet, the shaft of morning sun makes her glow. I do hope you get to do your course and enjoy and benefit from it as I am.

  2. Good on you!!! I love the difference you've made already.
    I've also enrolled in an online course this year but haven't gotten past lesson one, so you've reminded me to make some time. Thanks. xx

  3. Thanks Kate. I love looking at your gorgeous farm photos. I look forward to seeing what you learn about your big camera. x


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