Hello 2015

So ... in the last few months of 2014 during my blog absence I got the planner bug ...

 This may have stemmed from my project life work, though I think I credited my planner for lighting the interest in Project life initially. Perhaps its just the natural progression of the cyclical nature of my creativity.Who knows how or why. Essentially the short story is that my creativity has come back round to a paper dominant stage. That is not to say I'm never going to crochet or sew or bake again, just that this space will be filled with lots more pretty papery things, as it was at its inception.

Right now I am working with ...
A Family planner. My old faithful; Debden / Franklin Covey black day planner it's about 15 years old.
A personal planner. My 2014 KikkiK mint personal planner.
A cleaning binder. Plain old every day A4 three ring binder in grey ( that I prettied up with Patterned Paper )
I also have a receipts folder set up and another tiny folder with Jan Dec tabs. I'm housing them all in a pretty bamboo tray on my small freezer in the kitchen/meals area. The cleaning binder is usually open on the bench during the day and my personal planner moves around the house sporadically, depending where I am, like pretty leather security blanket. ;)

I split my family and personal planners ready for 2015 but am finding the family planner a bit redundant right now, I'm hoping it comes into its own once school goes back but my system is fairly fluid and flexible so I'll change it if I need to. I hope you liked this little peek at, and overview of what I am using. I'll share all the lovely printables I've found and give a better share of each item as time progresses,

Heres wishing you all a happy, healthy and prosperous 2015.


  1. Happy New Year, Tammy. I hope it is a great year for you and your family.

  2. Happy New Year! I am always inspired by how you manage everything, and the ideas about planning and keeping track really are inspired. I love that you are using a planner that has served you once before.

    1. I always smile when I see a comment from you my friend! Thank you and I hope you have a wonderful New Year also.

  3. Is that a printable you have showing in the second pic T?
    It looks handy for keeping on top of the everyday cleaning.

    1. Yes it is J but not a free one its a part of a kit from Clean Mama. I will blog about it (one day). I hope to get some blog planning happening soon and then I can be more specific :) .


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