Asian Cup Soccer - Korea v Oman

 An unusual Family outing for us on Saturday afternoon. Through the traffic and rain to watch a couple of international teams play soccer at our local Stadium with 12,500 other people.

We are not really a sports oriented couple but both appreciate the atmosphere of any live event filled with fans. Soccer being a sport we are all vaguely familiar with, through my Sons skills training lesson over the past years, seemed like a good, easy option for our initial foray into the live sports experience. We did not plan for or consider rain when I purchased the tickets in December.

Despite the rain most of us enjoyed the game. Hated the traffic and appreciated the experience. We missed the start despite leaving early, we were not the only ones. The traffic to the event was very heavy and we had to park a LONG way away. My Miss, who was not really enthusiastic to begin with was even less pleased once she realised that we planned to not let the rain deter us. She had asked "But what if it's still raining" and I got scowled at when I replied "we will get wet"

We sat behind the goal Oman were kicking to in the second half which was great as there were a few 'Oh so close' attempts at goal. I don't exactly recollect what was happening in the picture above and I'm not sure if I took it or if one of the Children did. I love the expression on the umpires face! So that, lovely reader, is how we spent our Saturday afternoon. Something a little different.

You can read more about the Asian cup, games and teams on the official website.


  1. It is always good to experience something new, and seeing a game like that with International teams is the perfect way to experience it without all the fuss that seeing the Socceroos play would entail ;)
    Did C enjoy seeing the real thing after all his skills lessons?


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