Weekly wrap up 16.11.14

This week was the second week I had the sick child at home. 2 weeks at home. :( 

The roses all started to dry up and blow away in the string of hot days and then we had a good night of soaking rain which pretty much finished all the existing blooms. The natives are all looking gorgeous and if not already blooming about to burst.

It was my Birthday on Saturday, I got lots of lovely goodies from my Birthday Club friends and made myself some cupcakes that day too. This week Bella ate something she shouldn't have ( not too unusual ) which sent us off to the vet, she had a couple of injections and a course of antibiotics for home.

After what felt like not a single moment to myself for over two weeks I was feeling a lot stress and that Black Dog of mine was growing and gaining strength. My little brown and white dog lavished me with love which helped bring some laughter to my days.

This post sat in draft unfinished all week. still battling a round of depression. not too much to say other than that unfortunately I'm seeing things through that joy sucking filter.
Fighting it using small steps, gratitude and just by admitting it exists. I've seen a GP and am working through some online modules provided by The centre for Clinical interventions, on her recommendation. I have a couple of things here that she gave me and some small decisions to make regarding how I progress from here.

Hope you are having a great weekend peeps. x