Weekly wrap up 02.11.14

I'm back with a wrap up after missing last week thanks to a teething puppy.
The garden is absolutely glorious with plentiful blooms, lots of young fruit and abundant shades of green.

My Daughter went off to her first School camp this week. She was so anxious and really not happy about us saying she had to go and trying to convince her it would be fun. She came home glowing and seems about a year older in her maturity, after 3 days and two nights away. I'm hoping that she  will now begin to realise how beneficial these enrichment activities are for her and be able to approach them with less trepidation. She didn't hate it and says it wasn't as hard to handle as she was expecting, but she stops short of admitting it was fun. Some of the things were fun and she had a nice time.

Bella was most out of sorts at my girls absence and I think she blamed me for taking her away and not bringing her home that afternoon. No puppy cuddles for almost a week was a harsh kind of rejection for me. She ( Bella) chewed through not only the keyboard cord but also the printer cord. The keyboard cord was a potential fire starter which gave me a nasty scare last weekend, sparking and glowing bright orange. The printer cord gave the Mr. the nasty scare  but luckily for all involved the cord that attaches to the main power had worked its way free, so there was no electricity flowing through this cord at the point where she gnawed through. Our new keyboard is so lovely. The first one had a faulty space bar that didn't work so I had to return it but now we are back on track.

It was the Mr's Birthday this week and we got him a hammock, he might get to enjoy it sometime when the novelty wears off for the kids, that is if he doesn't kick them out before then :) Bella had her first trip to the vet with us, the car ride was a bit anxious for her and she was exhausted after meeting a couple of new people. She fell asleep on the floor while waiting for the vet to come in and give her her vaccinations. Everything is as it should be and she is a very healthy puppy.

 I have taken a little break from my Debbie Bliss Baby cardi as I need a 3 mm circular needle to complete it. I've never used a circular needle before. I'm a bit intimidated, and possibly procrastinating, though I am keen to learn. I picked up my hook and started on my other sisters baby blanket, her baby is due in Jan. It's working up so beautifully and I'm so pleased with it I may have to make up another in that same pattern for home. :) I slowly worked my way through completing my Floriade Pages in my Project life album too, doing a little bit here and there as I could snatch a minute or two for it.
Its so lovely to be able to blog again. Have a great Day Sweet Readers.


  1. I was so happy to read that your daughter enjoyed her camp :) I hope Bella is back to giving you puppy cuddles. She really is a gorgeous little dog and I enjoy seeing the photos of her pop into my IG feed. She makes my heart smile. We lost our little dog last year after having him for 16 years. I miss him so much so I enjoy looking at everyone else's puppies.


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